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How to Find a doggy easter egg in the 'Old World Blues' DLC for Fallout New Vegas

This video shows what steps need to be taken to see a few dogs doing something quite unusual (or maybe all too usual?) in the 'Old World Blues' DLC for Fallout New Vegas. Protip: It involves a certain 'wild' perk.

Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues - Dogs Playing Poker Easter Egg

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Xbox 360 / How to Earn the 'Relic Bearer' achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team
« Last post by FRT on June 02, 2013, 10:49:21 am »
How to Earn the 'Relic Bearer' achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

If you're having a hard time finding all the hidden items spread across Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, take a look at this video guide that will help you locate all of them. Once you do, you'll be able to unlock the 'Relic Bearer' achievement.

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team - Relic Bearer (Part 1)

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Warhammer 40k: Kill Team - Relic Bearer (Part 2)

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How To - Gaming Tutorials / How To Connect & Latest WoW Patches!
« Last post by Ankh on May 29, 2013, 05:10:34 pm »
How To Connect & Latest WoW Patches!

Latest WoW Patches! LIKE + SHARE!
Useful WoW Patches Download Links (Most Downloaded):

Welcome to Global GanjaMU Online Season II

Running Since November 2012

Server transferred on new Host !

EXP From 3x to 15x.
Arena Spots Added.
Many other spots are Configured.
4.Enabled Resets)
5. Blood Castle,Devil Square,Kalima Tickets Removed from Shop

Ganja MU Online Information & Plans

Ganja MU is created specially for those who likes to PvP and Hunting, our server is managed exactly the way for you to do many things possible in-game and not just "afk" and get your character max , server is bugless as we have fixed 99% of the problems/bugs that we have came by , the server is long term promised and no databases whipes.
We also hope to get more players online and manage more events and stuff to make you happy enough with our service , in few words, Ganja MU is the best season 2 server which your going to play and never regret anything about it .
Our plan is to make the server stable and enjoyable for you by adding or having new features like events and few changes on the game style.
We are not planning on earning any kind of money by selling webshop credits or items which will make it unfair for other players but we are of course open for donations as this will give us the motivation and the support to keep the server stable long term.

Server Features & Configurations

Server: Greek
Server Version: 1.02c Full
Server Location: Germany
Server Host:Dedicated Server 24/7
Server Antihack: UGK GameGuard Protection
Game Experience: 15x (Permanent Rate)
Drop Rate: 30% (Permanent Rate)
Monster HP: 100% (Permanent Rate)
Max Character Level: 400 (Permanent)
Max Items Level: +13+16 (Permanent Rate)
Elf Soldier (Buffer) Max Buff Level:220 (Permanent Rate)
Guild Creation Level: 100 (Permanent Rate)
Excellent Items Drop Rate: 20% (Permanent Rate)
Max Resets: 15

Reset Character Info

Reset Level: 400
Max Resets: 15
Reset points after Reset: 350

Clear Skills after Reset:
Clear Inventory after reset:
Keep Stats: No

Required Zen: (1Billion)

Golden Invasions


Golden Invasions appear every 6 hours.
Golden Monsters are kind of hard to kill , but their drops are really Rare and great.

Jewels Success Rates

Jewel of Bless = 100%
SoulSuccessRate = 60%
SoulLuckSuccessRate = 70%
LifeSuccessRate = 60%

Chaos Machine Rates

AncientItemMix1Rate = 80 %
AncientItemMix2Rate = 80%
WingLvl1MixMaxSuccessRate = 90 %
WingLvl2MixMaxSuccessRate = 80 %
ChaosMachineMix+10 = 80 %
ChaosMachineMix+11 = 75 %
ChaosMachineMix+12 = 50%
ChaosMachineMix+13 = 45%
ChaosMixMaxRate = 75 %
ChaosMixLuckAddRate = 20%

Required: 100.000 Zen
Required Level: 0 Level
Command: /Post
Command Enabled


Show's the current date and time.
Command Enabled

Show's website's URL Link.
Command Enabled

This Command disconnects your Character directly.
Command Enabled

This Command disconnects your Character directly.
Command Enabled

This Commands allow's you to add points on your stats directly instead of Clicking.
Command Disabled

Jewel Drop Rates
Jewel of Soul
Rate: 15%

Jewel of Bless
Rate: 15

Jewel of Chaos
Rate: 5%

Jewel of Life
Rate: 10%

Jewel of Creation
Rate: 5%
InGame Events
Blood Castle:
[spoiler]How often: Every 1 Hour Opens
Reward: Jewel of Life

Devil Square
How often: Every 1 Hour Opens

Chaos Castle
How often: Every 1 Hour Opens
Reward: Any Jewel or an Random Ancient Item.

Kanturu Event
How often: Opened 24/7
Reward: Jewel of Harmony Machine Unlock

How often: Closed till Castle Siege Opens
Reward: Balgass Statue Crywolf City Unlock

Castle Siege
How often: Opening SOON
Reward: Castle Siege Owner + Land of Trial

Special Events
Heart of Love's

Drop Rate:
Map: All above Icarus


Elven Axe
Tiger Bow
Thunder Staff


Skull Shield
Horn Shield





Horn of Uniria


Silver Medals
Drop Rate: 20%
Map: Dungeon , Atlans , Losttower


Light Saber
Legendary Sword
Double Blade
Larkan Axe
Great Hammer
Light Spear
Serpent Spear
Light Crossbow
Battle Bow
Serpent Staff
Thunder Staff
+7/8/9/10 +Luck+Option

Skull Shield
Dragon Slayer Shield
+7/8/9/10 +Luck+Option



+7/8/9/10 +Luck+Option


Horn of Uniria

Gold Medals
Drop Rate:10%
Map: Atlans , Losttower +


Silver BowLegendary Staff
Master Scepter
Bill of Balrog
Battle Scepter
+7/8/9/10 +Luck+Option

Bronze Shield
Dragon Shield
Elemental Shield
Legendary Shield
+7/8/9/10 +Luck+Option

Light Plate
+7/8/9/10 +Luck+Option


Horn of Uniria


Box of Heaven
Drop Rate:20%
Map:All above Icarus



Double Axe
Elven Bow

+7/8/9/10/10 +Luck+Option


Small Shield
Kite Shield

+7/8/9/10/10 +Luck+Option

Silk Pad

+7/8/9/10/10 +Luck+Option


Horn of Uniria
Special Events


Drop Rate:
Map: All above Icarus

Plate set +7/8/9/10
Vine Set +7/8/9/10
Bone Set
Bronze Set +7/8/9/10

Light Spear +7/8/9/10
Elemental Mace +7/8/9/10
Light Bow +7/8/9/10
Buckler +7/8/9/10
Gorgon Staff +7/8/9/10
Great Scythe +7/8/9/10
Battle Bow +7/8/9/10
Plate Shield +7/8/9/10
Light Saber +7/8/9/10



more SS: check forum !

Ganja MU Online Links:

Website URL: GanjaMU Website
Forum URL:
GanjaMU Forum
Registration URL:
GanjaMU Registration
Downloads URL:
GanjaMU Download

Facebook (For Updates & News): Facebook

Contact Us: -

Admins: KarLi - Sayed


Vote for us and Invite ur friends !

FastClient Download Link

Code: [Select]!5dRUBSQR!bXkMnxk6SziJnJ4R568FmjwUulQFblMDolrWSu9nxOM[/FONT]

« Last post by edelis on April 13, 2013, 06:17:12 pm »


Grand Opening 21th Apri GMT+2 20:00!

After 2 months job with server configuration we can avouch that is ready for re-opening. MU Online is back with new stable server, ddos-guard prottection and premium server files. Powered by IGC-Network latest and fully working MU:Ex702 Server Files. Premium Anticheat and Anti-Ddos system, fully protected server. has well-considered gameplay and its professionally developed and maintained to deliver best stability and high performance.

What to expect from this Mu Online Server? is made for people who likes original gameplay without costume features. Working all Ex702 events/features. Whole gameplay is well considered , Attention has been paid to every single game nuance. We cant tell that our server is best , but we can guarantee, that you wont find second server like this, we are different from other servers. main game value is zen, low exc item drops, low zen rate. If you want to experience qualitative gameplay with low rate server configurations and where administration cares about players,then this is place for you!

Season 7 Episode 3 Full (MU:Ex702)
Experience: 150x item Drop Rate: 40%
Max Resets:80x
Reset Stats Clear(500/600)
Points Per Level: 5/7
New Events/Maps/Sets(Ex702)/Wings(Ex702) and more!
Off-Trade system & Botpets
LongTerm Server & Online 24/7
New Maps(Archeron)&Events

Jewel Rates
Jewel of Soul Rate(Without Luck): 50%
Jewel Of Soul Rate: 75%
Jewel of Life Rate(Without Luck): 50%
Jewel of Life Rate: 100%

Party Experience
Party2 Experience:280x
Party3 Experience:455x
Party4 Experience:610x
Party5 Experience:765x

Item Mixing
Item +10 Mix Rate: 90%
Item +11 Mix Rate: 70%
Item +12 Mix Rate: 50%
Item +13 Mix Rate: 30%
Item +14 Mix Rate: 15%
Item +15 Mix Rate: 10%
Item + Luck Rate: 20%

Event Ticket Mixing
Ticket +1 Mix Rate: 75%
Ticket +2 Mix Rate: 70%
Ticket +3 Mix Rate: 65%
Ticket +4 Mix Rate: 60%
Ticket +5 Mix Rate: 55%
Ticket +6 Mix Rate: 50%
Ticket +7 Mix Rate: 45%


Server Listing / [MU] GAMEZ-ARENA server FRESH START !
« Last post by Zeus on March 17, 2013, 05:09:50 am » server FRESH START !

Informations :

- Season 2 100% Bugless & Stable
- 80x EXP
- Party EXP [In full party you get 100exp/person]
- Drop 50%
- No mobs in arena [Arena just for PVP/Events]
- Grand RESET
- Max 35 resets
- Daily unique events ( Like Sunday Soccer, Monday Trivia, Tuesday BlackJack event, etc. )

- Vote for reward ( Will be available after a while )
- Maxim 2 guilds per Alliance
- PK Event at 2 weeks with Hall of Fame topic.
- Points per RESET like this :

600 - BK Total : 23000
620 - DL Total : 23700
660 - ELF Total : 25100
700 - MG Total : 27300
720 - SM Total : 27200

If you want to try a unique experience, take your friends and join us !
General Discussion / How do i play?
« Last post by UMadbr0 on March 02, 2013, 03:38:50 pm »
I dont know were to click to play...
Server Listing / Online War Game-New 1000 AD
« Last post by dogma on February 27, 2013, 01:07:51 am »
Free multiplayer turn based strategy war games based on medieval civilizations from the middle ages. Build and empire using guile and strength to outwit and overpower enemies from around the world. Using resources such as wood, iron and food begin building a small empire until it is the strongest in the game. Research more attack to improve army powers or defence to make your empire even harder to destroy. 10 different civilizations to choose from so the strategies are endless.
  Game is text based and games are played in rounds lasting 28 days on the standard game and 21 on the blitz game. In game chat allows new players to set up strategies or learn the game from older players. The forums have endless start up strategies and other ideas for players to learn and do well in the game fast.

New 1000 AD

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

There is my game.
I'm so sorry if this is necroing, but where is the download link?
Server Listing / [AD] [Mu] Damage grand opening 15 feb Fun server 4000x server !
« Last post by ihatered on February 08, 2013, 09:36:35 am »
15Feb 12:00 (GMT+2)!

Start Voting Today And Earn Credits!

- Server Name: MuDamage

- Server Version: 1.04d

- WebSite:

- Forum :

- Server UpTime: 24/7

- Experience: 4000x

- Item Drop: 20%

- MAX Items: +15

- Balance pvp all class

-Wings 1/2/3 Boxs 1/2/3/4/5 in shop

-All Jewels In shop

-Character Transfer system

-No custom items

- Monster HP: 100%

- Bless bug: Off

- Points per level: 20/20/20

- Maximum points: 32767

- Reset: From site

- Reset cost: 1000000 zen

- Maximum level: 400

- Reset level: 400

- Maximum reset: 999

- Minimum character delete level: 1

- Minimum guild creat level: 100

- PK clear: /pkclear command

- Good shops

- Good spots

-Friendly staff

-Events everyday

-Good event forum

-Vote reward every 12 hours

-Skype support : skyshardcom

Join us and feed your addiction to Chaos

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