Shaiya UnderWorld Ep5.4

Ep 5.4 PvP base Server +400 Players On, DDoS Protected, Instant level 15 30 70 FFA with Both faction Same Raid, Linked Sets also Raid Shared pvp Kills, SP From PvP Quest reward, everything Dropable in game, Join US NOW

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Shaiya Lands Episode 4.5

[Shaiya Lands is classic Episode 4 private server] [Lapis Lv1-5 and duals Lv1-4 are linkable with rate 50%] [XP x20] [Weekly Free AP from PvP and GRB] [PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more] [Friendly and active staff members] [No pay to win, most or all items can be obtained in game]

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ShaiyaTimeOut EP 6,4

Deutscher Shaiya P-Server, EP 6.4, Lvl 90, Max lapis lvl8, Pvp Killboost x2, Speed Rekken / Verzaubern, Schmied to Go Wir freuen uns wenn ihr mal vorbei schaut :-)

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Shaiya Premise [EP5.4 Server]

Episode 5.4, PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting, Max Level 70, Max Lapis Lv7, Instant Level 15 30 70, Kill Rate x2 x3 during week end/vacations, No Lucky Charm, No Knockout Nostrum, FREE 30 Days CRR, PID, EE, Premise Points can be obtained through Vote and In Game. JOIN NOW!!

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MasterShaiya Reborn

Old Mastershaiya is back. The beginning of Cronus's world. Really old school. ep 5.4, level 70 Instant Level. max lapis 7. Old School. take a look :-) MasterShaiya Reborn

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OpenMu 9999999x |F.O. Items with Start

HOT!! F.O. Items with Start |F.O. Items in SHOP |65535 max stats! |Season III Ep I |PPL: 20/30| NO LAG !|MAX DROP| BOXES+1+2+3+4+5+6, Wings+1+2+3 In Shop | MaxLevel=999 | Full Spawns | Start points 250 to all!|Anti Cheat System| Grand Reset System

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Ilaros WoW

WotLK in familiärer Atmosphäre für unaufgeregte Spieler mit Spaß am Questen, Leveln, Farmen und - Wipen ;), fraktionsübergreifende Gruppen, Raten und Instanzen blizzlike, mit interessanten Bugs, aber mit fleißigem Team - wir arbeiten daran und haben noch viel vor!

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Shaiya Forest - Custom EP

Deutsch/German, Custom EP 4.5 mit 5/6 & eigenen Features, PvPvE, Max Lv. 60, Max Lapis St.7, Old-School, Alles farmbar, Account shared Kills, Neue Quests, Neue Maps, Neue Bosse, Neue Items, Neue Skills, Prem. Lapisa, Prem. Pötte, Prem. Ops, Loot-Bonus, Prestige-System, Hinterhalt, Max. Kills 60k \\\/// HTTPS/SSL, DDoS-Schutz

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Reopening of Prototype server!!

Hello guys, Reopening of Prototype server!! You like challenges? Join us and discover this mysterious world! Autrefois, Shaiya Prototype tait un monde merveilleux, rempli d'endroits tous les uns plus beaux que les autres.

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RebirthRO Ragnarok Online

RebirthRO free ragnarok online Private server download! New renewal (3rd jobs+Rebellion+Kagerou+Oboro) server named Thor[100/100/10/2]. Two classic servers: Loki[100/100/20] and Eir[5/5/3]. 1000+ players online. 100,000+ active players. 100% secure website. Free Pokemon pets. 24/7 uptime. Active WoE and BG.

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Shaiya Eternity

Shaiya Eternity most classic episode 4.5 without any custom Items/ XP rate: x10 and x15 during the weekend/ Best equipments are free in ItemMall, But that does not mean that the server is free and easy to become Uber because you need to spend time for links and enchants!

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Celestial Shaiya 2018

Celestial Shaiya Episode 6, [level-max 80 with EXP rate 1000X] [Kill rate is 5X] [PvP-PvE System] [Dedicated Staff for help] [No lagg] [Many events] [DDOS Protected]. Join now

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Galactic Shaiya

☉ Galactic Shaiya : Ep 5.4 ☉ 3PvP Areas: 15-30-70 ☉ GRB Schedule: Every Saturday 14:00 InGame Time ☉ EXP Rate: Instant level ☉ KILL Rate: x1 With BFR x2 ☉ NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv7 ☉ FREE Shaiya Points by PvP rewards

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Shaiya Oblivion Episode 4.5

Shaiya Oblivion Episode 4.5 80x EXP Rate FREE Farming gears quest type goddess gears and elemental lapis level 2 farmable consumables like power lapisia , defense lapisia and recreation rune . WE ALSO HAVE GOLD TO DP CONVERSION and Max Lapis Level Lapis LV6

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Back2Basics 2.4.3 PvE/PvP

[Char- and Guildtransfer] [2x EP-Rate] [scripted Instances with Trash-Events] [prenerf/blizzlike] [~800 Player online] [tripple Account] [active BG/Arena]

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Eternal WoW Professional Server


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MasterWoW Fun/Blizzlike Server 3.3.5a

[2 Realm - Fun/Normal] [Normal realm rate x8] [Fun realm is like old ETERNION-WOW haste server with alot of changes] [3.3.5a] [100 Level Cap] [All Classes have Steal Health with Hits] [Custom Items & Upgradeable] [All Classes for All Races] [Custom Quests] [Custom Mall] [Balanced Classes (Tested)] [Custom Bosses] [Weekly Update] [Free Rewards (Daily)(5 Hours play)(Kills)(Duel win)(Recruit Friend)(VOTE)] [World Chat /o ]

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Thorium WoW WOTLK Max 255 3.3.5a

Thorium-WoW, A Professional Progressive level 255 Fun Realm, unique leveling system, active uptime, friendly staff members, daily content and fixes, transmogrification content & mounts from Cata/Mop/Wod, 12 races incl Worgens & Goblins, Custom instances, Scripted bosses and more.

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RF-AGES Reborn Website

Feb 2019 Update Lvl 85 Max International PVP Server Rebalance server, reconfigured Rare E Release Lvl 85 Relic and DA Free Instant Lvl 85, Free items in GCP, and complete gear in Lvl 85 to be ready to PVP

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Shaiya Rebellion

Amazing EP 6.4 Server With Extras, 100’s of Costumes, All EP8 OS Mounts, Retro Gear as costumes, Farming/Grinding, PvPvE, Wings Galore, World Bosses with great loot. Come Join Us we look forward to seeing you

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Shaiya-Aether Episode 6

Episode 6.4, x1500 EXP, x2 Kill, Max Lapis Lv8, PvP Rewards Automatic, DDoS Protected, PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more, Friendly and active staff members, join us today!

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Was wir bieten: Max LvL 90 . 90er Mäntel . EXP Boost 160x . 1000 AP Startguthaben für ein Acc . Pvp-Boost während Pvp-Events . EP 6 Ruestung und Waffen und EP 6 Map . Gildenranking jeden Sonntag zwischen 20 und 21 Uhr .

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Wizardwow 3.3.5 private Server

Blizzlike Xp 10x-Rates 3x - New Server January 2019- Automatically Levelup Trainer/Mounts-Server Migration - All Instance Open with Achievement Request - New Events-New Mounts - New Feauters - Mounthly Rewards [DP] - All Flight Patch AND More...

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--Shaiya Derive--

Shaiya Derive, Episode 5.4, Max lapis lv7, dual lv5, Very diverse staff to be active in all time zones, Engame Focused, Kill streak Rewards and notices, Kill rate x2, x4 with doubler, Max kill resets with stat point rewards, Battle Royale Tournaments [Solo and Quads]

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Rising Flame 335a

Wow 3.3.5a WotLK, 2x Blizz rates. Friendly GM's No Lag! 36 slot bag and Gold Bonus for Joining! Primarily PVE server. Custom quests for fun! Family Atmosphere! Want a place to call home this is it! The URL is incorrect here is the correct one.

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PearlMu Season6 epi3


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Welcome on Shaiya Iblis EP 6.4 English and French server Content Wings Pet Costume Ticket system with staff Actif Forum Drop list available to players No debuff Boss raid Monetary system in game Gold Pvp 15 30 70 Have Fun !

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Shaiya VorteX 4,5

Shaiya Vortex New shaiya 4.5 , - Hello guys, What do you think about remembering the past?... The past of SHAIYA 4.5 I present to you the old server but a new concept of shaiya... Server 100% OK All tests Welcomeee to Real Shaiya !

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Shaiya Proelio

Shaiya Proelio is based on PvP 1-15, episode 4.5 with episode 6 features - costumes, pets - Proelio Points attainable in game! Free Lapis, free Gear! Join our unique PvP experience now and play on a server with new invasion system und questline!

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Wurf Games - WoW 3.3.5a

2 Realms - Custom and Blizzlike - 3x Level 80 Starter items Individual XP Mall Bounty System Custom NPC Portal Master All Class Titans Grip Dual Wield Custom PvP PvE Set Dungeons Raids fully Working Auto Scale System for Dungeons Raids. New Website:

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Shaiya Conflito EP 4.5

Servidor Ep 4.5 Lv60 max lapis max lv6 debuff lv6 level 60 rapido pvp boss dropa gm link em mobs gold lapisia e encantos novos boss no pvp 60 nos altares

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Shaiya NoMercy EP 6.5 German

Deutscher Shaiya Server viele Erweiterungen und selbst erstellte Maps und Spezial Waffen kommt vorbei und habt Fun wir warten auf euch! Wir sind immer weiter am Verbessern wie legen wert das es viele Moeglichkeiten gibt wie auf dem OS server!

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BOI~ Divinity Server

[NEW]2019 BOI Server Open [BOI Divinity] Drop rate:15 EXP rate 25, E45 gears, able to solo daily events, GM events, Custom pets a lot more Come join the fun today

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KarmaCo Open 1st March

NO PAY TO PLAY NO BULKERS[5200 Code Base][Classic Co 1:0 with classic rates][No Free gears apart from Starter Gears] [Max 137 2nd RB, Max +12 items] [Slightly Raised DB drops and Soc Rates][Custom Resolutions][Frequent updates]

Category: Games › Conquer Online

LMS Perfect World

151 New Horizons PvE 1000x Servers with latest content and lots of custom content Start lvl 100 with +12 gears Stable since 2008, Oldest PW server, Great community, Cubi for being online Win 100USD

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Max lvl 150| Max God lvl 60| Low/Medium rate| New Shards Balanced Market System| No Pay2Win| Loads of newest official features(God system, goddess,spirits, 3rd socker, divine gears, wardrobe etc)| Many daily Tasks/Quests/Bounties/Actions!

Category: Games › Eudemons Online

League Of Shaiya

League of Shaiya it is a free server made for players that dont want to farm months to get readdy for pvp. Join us and in few hours will be readdy to kill everything that moves in game.

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Deutscher EP 5 Server EXP x100 Max Level 70 Gelegentliche Events PvP Events mit Killboost Kein Donation! Netter Support Kommt rein und werde ein teil von uns :)!

Category: Games › Shaiya

Shaiya LibertyWorld

Server based 100% pvpers, brand new system for your fun, Kills x5 (x10 with BFR) go join all the guys Instant level 80 set free and lapis free for all players

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Dekaron Algarve

2Moon Old School server, with 7 classes and medium exp, completely free to play, NoPayToWin,VOTE 500 COIN ADDED Enjoy Us

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Alpha Realms 2.4.3 Gigafun

Hello friends, i want to introduce Zandalari 2.4.3 realm. We doing something more than the other project to keep tbc funservers allive! You can find here all race all class, completly reworked all spells to keep the game real. Pve is well scripted as well! You can find here dungeons like BT,Hyjal,SWP. Come and JOIN us NOW!

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HellMu Season 3 Episode 1

+Version: Season 3 Episode 1 +Exp: x5000 +Drop: 80% +MaxLevel: 400 +Max Statl: 32767 + Points per Level: 5 +Webshop/CashShop/Reset: yes +Rebuilded PvP Balance 99%!

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Co-Lion-[3D] Epic Pirate,Relic,Rune

[Drop Random 100-400 cps][Poker][Transfer][Deity Land] [JiangHu System][System SkillSoul][TeamPK][SkillTeamPK][System House][Lv140 Max][ChiSystem][Guild Arsenal][CouplesPK][No Lag][TreasureBox][ElitePK][capture the flag][Cross Server][Liner Tounament] -Try it now Join

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| EXP X100 | DROP X100 | QUEST GOLD X100 | TAMING X10 An active and International server. Once in two weeks maintenance, to improve the server according to the players needs. Experience our custom content and events. For over 10 years of experience in MMORPG development. Join the adventure and be part of our fast growing community. Directly message the staff with reports, feedback and suggestions. Over 2500+ already registered and still counting! What are you waiting for? Join Us Now!

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Shaiya destruction

*Tudo Personalizado Especialmente para você, Montarias, Fantasias, Pets, Asas, Armas e Sets Exclusivos! *TUDO 100% Dropavel!! Drop de Aps 100% e venda de itens no item mall. *Episodio 7 com PVP boladão LV90 todos os dias para você!!! *Eventos Especiais Kill X150, 200, 250...

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Allstarlegends Oldschool!

ALLSTARLEGENDS,Back to oldschool! 24-7 Double exp weekends! ::YELL FOR EVERYONE!! >>>>>>>>>>OLDSCHOOL NOSTALGIA!!! Do you remember the good old days? Join now and relive the old school nostalgia! MINIGAMES/SKILLING/FUNPK/PK

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Shaiya Vortex episode 4,5

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Shaiya Evasion server

Evasion is an EP6 server. XP x1000, Kill x2, Level max 80. French/English translation for the website and the client. More infos at /////////// Evasion est un serveur Ep6. XP x1000, Killx2, Level max 80. Traduction francaise/anglaise pour le site et le client. Plus d'informations sur

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Rising Gods WoW 3.3.5a PvE - Blizzlike Gaming!

Deutscher WoW Privatserver 3.3.5a | Blizzlike Gaming | PvE Realm | 2300+ Player online | Arsenal | Große Community | Char-/Gildentransfer | schneller Support & Bugfixes | nette GMs | lagfrei | Pathfinding

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MGT Studios WoW Server 3.3.5a

Welcome to MGT Studios WoW Server. Here we have a bug free server with 3x rates. We are new but we can guarantee a good quality server. Uptime 24/7. Server updates weekly. Come join us !

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