Author Topic: How to get the Old School achievement / trophy the easy way in Bulletstorm  (Read 1131 times)

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April 26, 2011, 06:07:02 pm

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How to get the Old School achievement / trophy the easy way in Bulletstorm

Old School is one of the most counterintuitive and challenging achievements to get in Bulletstorm, requiring you to complete an entire Echo without using a single skillshot. This video will show you how to execute this task step-by-step in the Collapsed Building Echo, getting you back to Mercy Killing your foes, the fun way to kill them.

From the Creator:

Start Echo: Collapsed building
Kill the first 2 enemies with the flail gun
Kill the enemy running up the stairs with the charged PMC (avoid HS)
Kill the mutant and the next few enemies leading up to the turret with flail gun.
Kill the turret with a charged flail gun.
Kill the mutant with flail gun.
Use the leash to kill all elevator enemies from behind the glass (refer to the video)
Run to the next section kill the two enemies with flail guns and skip the mutants
Kill the next two enemies with flail gun.
Use the PMC to shoot all enemies behind cover (lower leg shots)
Backtrack and kill the horde of mutants with the flail gun one at a time.
Kill the mutant around the corner with the flail gun.
Kill the falling enemy after he stands up.
Run to the end of the map and be careful not to bullet slide into any enemies as you slide to the finish.

Bulletstorm Old School Achievement Guide

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