Author Topic: MaNGOS Rev 10351+ScriptDev2 Rev 1777+YTDB 560+ACID 3.0.4+EventAI  (Read 2660 times)

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October 01, 2010, 10:25:33 am

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Used modifications and changes in the nucleus:
+ Dual_Specialization (adopted in the nucleus Mangos revision 9630)
+ Implementation of Valor Arena (Beta) and the Dalaran Arena
+ Fix Shadow Dance
+ Fix Demonic Circle: Teleport and the creation of (implementation)
+ Test of the Grand Crusader 95% realization opening event
+ Test scripts Champion 80% realization opening event (without Vehicle)
+ AMK 100% implementation of opening event
+ New scripts Cleansing Stratholme (85% of MaxXx2021/Rsa)
+ New script to Toravona (Crypt Arkavona)
+ Strand of the Ancients (not blizzlayk)
+ Teleport Master
Arena + Honor Obmenschik
+ Naksarammas proskriptovan 70% (blizzlayk)
+ Crypt Arkavona proskriptovan 90% (for blizzlayka required implementation of tin, possibly implemented in the following revah)
+ Death Knight Quest Chain Full House (without hacks, korektirovka script, rewrite the script on the eye Akerusa)
+ Lich_king script (alfa 70% of rsa/MaxXx2021 lacks the final phase with frostmourne room)
+ New Realization pet from DC and the talent "Master of Ghouls", in particular, fix the energy at PETA
+ VIP Account's (set in the config file, update the archive)
+ Built-in anti-cheat (from Punisher)
+ PVP ranks
+ CCL Full skriptovka [11/12] (without fighting)
+ OutdoorPvP (PvP capture territory in Nagrand, zagrantopole, forests terrokar, Silithus, Eastern Plaguelands, and Hellfire Peninsula)
+ 11 spells repaired bosses in CCL (not blizlayk)
+ New scripts Halls reflection (as well as updating the Pit Sharon and forge Shower)
+ Fixed spell thunderous pace of
+ Fixed spell mirror image (not tested)
+ Fixed Unholy Blight
+ The implementation of the search Dungeons (beta - converting implementation with Trinity)
+ Vehicles (multi-seat mounts from zergtmn)
+ Now available achievements for fishing in the cities
+ Skriptovka Ruby Sanctum (from rsa / notagain, updated on 08/10/1910)
+ New scripts Ulduar (from Xfurry / rewrite by rsa, rsa enormous Respect for the return to life Ulduar)
+ Sold guild houses
+ Hack Anti-Magic Zone
Oculus + scripts (not even alpha, but playable)
+ Vehicles (full implementation) + layout in multiplace mount
+ Boss Malygos script (90% not blizlayk)
+ Molten Core (instance rewrite)
+ In teleporter added new menu for the teleport in the CCL, IC / IC
+ Fix bug in Drak'Taron, An'kahet

Patches and fixes in the database:
+ AMK 100% implementation of opening event
+ Works Vihikly
+ Works Most Achievement'ov
+ Works Ulduar
+ Works Naxxramas
+ Fix to correct Loot from bosses and mobs (Ka [SP] eR fix pack ver 1.1 beta)
+ Fix CCL (Ka [SP] eR fix pack ver 1.1 beta)
+ Fix bosses in the dungeon (Ka [SP] eR fix pack ver 1.1 beta)
+ Fix Spell (Ka [SP] eR fix pack ver 1.1 beta)

Download 3.3.3a

Download 3.3.5a