Author Topic: How to achieve a gold trophy on the B-7 License Test (throttling) in Gran Turism  (Read 2162 times)

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December 13, 2010, 12:49:22 pm

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How to achieve a gold trophy on the B-7 License Test (throttling) in Gran Turismo 5

This is were things get interesting (and FAST!)— B-7, then seventh of the National B License Tests in Gran Turismo 5 on PlayStation 3. You'll be testing out your high-speed control of lines and throttle control. If you haven't yet, simply unlock these tests by purchasing your first car.

B-7: High Speed Driving Lines and Throttle Control

Use the curbs when possible - this makes it so you're not turning as sharply through the corner (a car is faster driving in a straight line than in a corner).

Rule number one of racing is to try and make corners as straight as possible. You accomplish this by running up on curbs, entering corners at a wide angle, and then drifting to the outside of the corner on the exit.

Take the first corner in this test at full speed. Ease up on the throttle for the next two corners and use the curbs.

You may run a little wide on the next corner but it's no big deal because the rest of the track is pretty tame. The main thing is to keep up your momentum for the rest of the run. You will have to tap your brakes slightly for the last corner - Perhaps do this before the corner vs. where the guide tells you to in the middle of it.

Note * Played with a regular six-axis PS3 controller.

Gran Turismo 5 Gold License B-7

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