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October 09, 2010, 03:32:09 am

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I had some spare time over to create this batch file.
It's a universal dbc extractor, so you do not have to change anything in it anymore.
It supports all client languages.
In my opinion it had to maded earlier because make a batch like this one is so easy,
tho still very usefull.
this is release 0.8 of it, because there are coming some more changes into it.

Please leave a message it you have used it, with your opinion of it.

Download from SVN:
Universal DBC Extractor rev3

I started with a SVN because it is easier to me this way to provide fixed/updated files to others.
The extraction problems for ALL WinNT 32bits Os's shoud be helped out now. Still experience problems? then don't hesitate to report it to me by a PM or a mail (and no, i don't add people to msn).

I am gonna put the support for ad.exe into it, and after a few people on ascentemu has tested it, they told me that the extractor has problems with x64 support (i hate those x64 Os's).
I don't know if i am gonna put the support for it into it (maybe, but maybe not).
What i do know is that i am seeking someone with a lot of experience with dos commands and batch files who can help me out with some problems (will put his name also in the batch file as reward for helping), and what i also know is that i am gonna put the support for extracting vmaps and assembler into it.

Project is becoming bigger then i thought.
So basically the idea is that you copy a few files to (for example) c:\program files\world of warcraft\ run the batch file, choose the things you want (extracting the enGB DBC files, maps, vmaps and assembler(buildings) or just the maps...).

I am also working on the dbc extractor so you don't have to name MPQOUT to DBC anymore (i think that that idea was a really crappy idea), and i am really hoping that i also can someday add the support for x64 to it, and it would be really hilarious if i also could provide someday the support for the Linux Os's

As you can see, a lot of good idea's wich are really realistic, but i need someone (or maybe two) who can help me realise this. Am also working on some space for our own site, because i think we can allways improve some things.

Would also be awesome if there would come some people to help to improve the dbc ,vmaps, buildings, collision and ad extractor, but that is for now unrealistic, and are just future problems/wishes.

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