Author Topic: Microsoft sue Motorola, patent costs not of "reasonable calculus"  (Read 1685 times)

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November 11, 2010, 12:03:18 pm

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Microsoft sue Motorola, patent costs not of "reasonable calculus"

Motorola is charging way too much say Microsoft for Xbox 360's use of their patented technology, and so it's time to sick the US justice system on it.

They've "refused to extend" a license that's "consistent with Motorola's promises", and royalty demands are "disproportionate". Motorola call it "a fair offer".

Contractual obligations have been breached by Motorola as they aren't offering fair license patents on their included wireless networking tech and video coding feature in the Xbox 360 console, says Microsoft as the gear up for legal battle.

"Motorola has refused to extend to Microsoft a license consistent with Motorola's promises for any of Motorola's identified patents," says the complaint. "Instead, Motorola is demanding royalty payments that are wholly disproportionate to the royalty rate that its patents should command under any reasonable calculus."

Motorola offer a dissenting version of events. "We worked with Microsoft to reach an agreement that would have allowed Microsoft to use our proprietary technologies without infringing Motorola's patents," said Motorola's Jennifer Erickson. "Unfortunately, despite a fair offer from Motorola, Microsoft was unwilling to enter into a licensing agreement."

Surely this wouldn't have anything to do with Microsoft launching patent-infringement claims against Motorola three weeks ago in a bid to get US imports of Android phones blocked? Nah, corporations aren't vindictive like the common man, they're better than us.