Author Topic: Microsoft: "Conversations going on" with BBC over the iPlayer  (Read 1756 times)

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November 11, 2010, 11:58:31 am

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Microsoft: "Conversations going on" with BBC over the iPlayer

That old BBC iPlayer chestnut is still roasting according to Microsoft because talks continue between the corporations. They want "some magic sauce" with it.

A lot watch it on the PC but Microsoft wants something special added, like the "social side of things" added to Sky Player. Gold only a deal-breaker for BBC.

"There are conversations going on,” said Xbox UK boss Stephen McGill.

"The thing for us is, how do we add some magic sauce to that so that it’s different? A lot of people are watching that on their PC. How many people are going to watch it on the console unless we add something different?"

"That’s one of the things we talked about when Sky came out – how we could make it more intuitive, the social side of things, party mode environments… We put those together with Sky and launched our service. So you should talk to the BBC,” he added.

That 'magic sauce' is also Microsoft likely trying to justify their previous condition that the BBC iPlayer would be accessible only to Gold subscribers on Xbox Live, which would be a huge violation of law in the UK for the BBC. The TV license is paid by anyone with a TV in Britain and it means the BBC can't charge fees or play advertisements.

For this reason the BBC said last year that getting the iPlayer on the Xbox 360 was suspended indefinitely. It's been available on the PS3 for ages now.