Author Topic: Open source PC drivers for Kinect  (Read 2084 times)

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November 11, 2010, 07:42:48 am

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Open source PC drivers for Kinect

Microsoft's Kinect has been 'open sourced' for use with that device called a PC. A lone programmer has been tinkering code and shares his work.

Hector Martin's driver for Kinect lets the PC receive RGB and IR camera feeds from the sensor, although it's in the early stages yet. Video proof galore!

People of the NUI Group want $10,000 in donations before they'll give away their SDK and Windows driver for a 'PC Kinect' but lone code ranger Hector Martin has already spewed his own little miracle onto the Internet - a mere 3 hours after Kinect's EU launch.

Sure the RGB and IR feeds are completely raw in their data so really you should get to look at funny pictures from the Kinect sensor but obviously some talented individuals will get a hold of this and work some of their own magic.

Hector Martin does NOT own an Xbox 360 - yeah - think about that while you watch his video proof below. He got Kinect communicating with just Linux, no middle-man tech. Remember that no one has hacked Kinect whatsoever - Microsoft has declared it so.

Kinect open source driver demo

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