Author Topic: Namco in $24m 6-month fiscal loss  (Read 1603 times)

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November 08, 2010, 01:49:50 pm

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Namco in $24m 6-month fiscal loss

A net loss for Namco Bandai is posted by the publisher as it loses $24m the first half of fiscal 2010, which is actually an improvement from 2009.

They've managed to lower losses from the same period in '09 by $50m. Sales flexed at $2.13bn with Tekken 6 their biggest earner - 1.07m sold in US.

The first half of fiscal 2010 saw a ¥1.93 billion net loss, which is $24 million to us. Sales were strong though at ¥174 billion ($2.13 billion) and 41 percent of that came from videogames, music and videos. Tekken 6 moved 1.07m copies in the US.

Movie-tie in Despicable Me managed 390k. Japan is still Namco Bandai's biggest territory as it sold 9.8m in software, compared to the US at 7.3m and Europe at 3.8m.