Author Topic: PSone Pong, Missile Command soon  (Read 1433 times)

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November 04, 2010, 08:13:13 am

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Atari is dusting off some real low pixel retro for PlayStation 3 and PSP by bringing back from the dead PSone's Pong and Missile Command for PSN.

It's unclear when they'll arrive but shooter Centipede released just yesterday. Pong is the "most addictive" head-to-head videogame ever say Atari.

There are more Atari retro titles in the cabinet of course but it's unclear just how much they'll be raiding their back catalogue. These projects are their PSone versions and not their arcade originals. Will next week's PlayStation Store get another treat?

Centipede, that insect shoot-'em-up, went on sale for £3.99/€4.99.

Atari Classics PONG, Missile Command and Centipede arcade on PSN - PS3 PSP

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