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October 25, 2010, 05:18:30 pm

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Version 3.1a

Ascent Core and NCDB 1158+

1) Download and install an Ascent database.
2) Download and extract the attached zip file in this post.
3) Go to your sql manager, such as Navicat or SQLyog.
4) Right click your database and Execute Batch File (Navicat) or Restore From Sql Dump (SQLyog).
5) Run the extracted .sql file as a query.
6) After installing all these, restart your server.
7) Navigate to your WoW folder, and delete the cache folder.
8) Once ingame, type .npc spawn (ID) to spawn the vendors at your location.
9) The npc IDs can be found in this post, if you scroll down.
Remember to delete CACHE folder from wow client after installing.


Version 3.1:
Compatible with new database structure.
Content update will come soon.

Version 3.1a:
Attempt to fix the vendor access bug.

Added buyprice query, this only makes items have 5x sellprice as buyprice.
Anything that have 0 sellprice obviously won't get a buyprice.

Added tier buyprice query, this allows you to make raid tier 1-6 items cost gold.
Default settings are T1: 100g, T2: 125g, T3: 150g, T4: 175g, T5: 200g, T6: 250g.

Vendors (71):
50000 Armor Dungeon I
50001 Armor Dungeon II
50002 Armor Dungeon III
50003 Armor Raid Tier I
50004 Armor Raid Tier II
50005 Armor Raid Tier III
50006 Armor Raid Tier IV
50007 Armor Raid Tier V
50008 Armor Raid Tier VI
50009 Armor Wrist
50010 Armor Waist
50011 Armor Feet
50012 Armor Shield
50015 Weapon Level 50+
50016 Weapon Level 60+
50017 Weapon Level 65+
50018 Weapon Level 75+
50019 Weapon Level 100+
50020 Armor Necklace
50021 Armor Rings
50022 Armor Trinket
50023 Armor Cloak
50024 Armor Shirt
50025 Armor Tabard
50026 Armor Miscellaneous
50028 Armor Off-Hands
50029 Armor Libram/Idol/Totem
50030 Arena Season I
50031 Arena Season I
50032 Arena Season I
50033 Arena Season II
50034 Arena Season II
50035 Arena Season II
50040 Misc Gemstone I
50041 Misc Gemstone II
50042 Misc Mount I
50043 Misc Mount II
50044 Misc Projectile
50045 Misc Container
50047 Misc Enchantment
50048 Misc Key
50049 Misc Currency
50050 Recipe Book A-Z
50051 Recipe Leather A-F
50052 Recipe Leather G-R
50053 Recipe Leather S-Z
50054 Recipe Tailor A-G
50055 Recipe Tailor H-Z
50056 Recipe Engineer A-Z
50057 Recipe Blacksmith A-F
50058 Recipe Blacksmith G-R
50059 Recipe Blacksmith S-Z
50060 Recipe Cooking A-Z
50061 Recipe Alchemy A-Z
50062 Recipe Enchant A-G
50063 Recipe Enchant H-Z
50064 Recipe Jeweler A-K
50065 Recipe Jeweler L-Z
50066 Reagent Leather I
50067 Reagent Leather II
50068 Reagent Tailor I
50069 Reagent Tailor II
50070 Reagent Engineer I
50071 Reagent Engineer II
50072 Reagent Blacksmith I
50073 Reagent Blacksmith II
50074 Reagent Cooking
50075 Reagent Alchemy
50076 Reagent Enchant
50077 Reagent Jeweler
50078 Reagent Miscellaneous

Credits partially to AMVendor creators for their concept and
Dungeon Set 1-3 and Tier 1-6, everything else (rings,
trinkets, weapons, etc) I re-did or added, even the organization of
the armor sets I revamped. I also moved the vendor IDs to 50000+
to avoid taking up important NPC ids, and changed other details.

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