Author Topic: Age of Wulin Getting Ready for Yet Another Expansion  (Read 1892 times)

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June 09, 2015, 10:01:15 am

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Webzen's hand to hand fighting MMORPG, Age of Wulin, is getting prepared to drop yet another development not long from now on June 16th. Entitled "Part 6: Blood & Flowers," this extension sets the stage for the Lingxiao City battleground, includes another example for abnormal state players that have finished things in Chapter 5, and adds the new Partner System to urge players to rally.

The entryways of Lingxiao City will be tossed open as contenders sign up to join the battleground. Players will be haphazardly relegated one of three groups toward the begin of fight and your group task will direct your goals amid the match. Take the city or protecting the city are both on the table as group assignments take off.

The Shifting Flower Palace includes a touch of puzzle as this group will open its entryways once per month to top players in different classifications and permit those players to go after the title of Flower Prince. Win the title and you'll get access to the Shifting Flower Palace, another title, new outfits, and access to another Ancient Skill set.

For you PvE-ers out there, the Island of Delight example proceeds with the stories laid out in Chapter 5 from the Silver Hook Sword Boat experience.

At long last, the new social based Partner System permits players to rally and gain unwaveringness. You'll even have the capacity to summon your companions into fight and gain from their Combat and Internal ability sets also.

Look at the official site for all the subtle elements.