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October 23, 2010, 12:04:04 pm

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Yup, it's another blizzardlike frontend

1. Complete players guide
2. embedded shoutbox
3. embedded online players
4. admin account to edit the layout
5. Account creation page
6. Wallpapers,screenshots etc
7. Working talents calculator
8. Working armor sets
9. MP3 player
10. Server status
11. Semi automated client updater
12. kaldorei worldmap
13. Webanalyse software
14. screenshot upload
15. Supports Ludmilla/Kobold/wowemu/Mangos/Antrix/Ascent
16. themes
17. flashchat wow style
18. and some more

1. NO mysql needed, everything setup through one file
2. apache/php server (easyphp is to limited)

1. Internet explorer
2. Firefox

1. Support for multiple realms.
2. Armory

Demo here: Krillins WWW page

Download Here (version 4.0) part1: Download part 1
Download Here (version 4.0) part2: Download part 2
Download Here (version 4.0) : Download

Update to version 4.8 22-08-2007
Update :
Code: [Select]

SVN checkout:

IMPORTANT: backup your setup/mailcon.php setup/paypal.php setup/voting.php. And restore them after installing this update

Note: Now using SVN as download method. tnx to Nielss

Changelog 4.81 :
Fixed fonts for Teamspeak box (where to large)

Changelog 4.8 :
Forgot to add the teamspeak directory, with scripts and images
Added ads.php in the /setup fixes some errors (backup if you already use this)

Changelog 4.7 :
Added a option to turn off the Buglist info on the main page (admin page)
Changed some font styles in the server status box. hopefully showing a fixed font
Added voting image

Armory 0.1 beta 23-07-2007
Armory : Download

Armory 0.1 beta :
Initial release of the armory.
Support for Mangos only at this stage.
Bad support for "older" browsers

This is a clean version so read the install.txt
For existing users. Backup your eng.php and errlog.php (setup dir).
Note: Added an option to set the security level to none. But you have to edit the eng.php file and change $lang['securitylevel']='NONE';.
To use the semi automated client updater you need to make a link in the menu called ClientUpload/newversion.php (new users already have that in the config). You can put the client file into en/ClientUpload/files (just one file) and if you have a new client update place it there (BUT use a unique name).

Notes Wamp/Xampp:
The install program is nothing more then a check if some php settings are correct. You can do this by hand by editing your php.ini file and change these settings: Register_globals = On, short_open_tag = On and output_buffering = On. On Wamp it's a little easier showed by this image:

Check the index.html file in the root directory with an default texteditor to see if the path is placed correct for a localhost it could look something like this

Code: [Select]

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=http://localhost/wowacc/en/">

Also chmod these directories to be written

About the client check: When a user downloads a client file the server will leave a cookie on his computer. When u replace the file with another updated file then every time the player goes to the main page the server will check his latest file with the one on the server. If there is a mismatch then the server will redirect him to the download page saying that there is a new client download. It's not foolproof because some browsers don't accept cookies, but it's a step into the right direction

Changelog 4.6 :
Added a Teamspeak Box. Option set in admin pages.
Added lich king flash logo.
Fixed: option to set Development box.

Changelog 4.5 :
Added option to place vertical and horizontal ads tnx to quake69 for the idea

Changelog 4.4 :
added previous updates
Fixed errors mentioned by nielss.
Added option to always show server online (some antrix users). This is unfortunatly but i can't figure out a way to solve this at this time.
Added option to show online users logging (add a link in the menu that points to charts/log.php).
Added option to remove the development box on the main menu.

Changelog 4.3 :
Added the armory/forum button already for armory release (not done yet)
Added a nice statue. Replaces the boring statue at the left bottem.
Added option in admin to show server details.
Added some small fixes in the honor page.
Added Tier6 flash logo
Added User created bug input. Users can now place there own bugs through a form, wich will be pending until the gm verifies the correctness of it. Then the admin can add it to the bus list. Pending and current bugs are show on the menu.
Added fixes to the save account module.

Changelog 4.2 :
Fixes the sql entry to create an account.
Added option to select if stats are to be recorded yes or no (Default now Off. admin part)
Fixed some index.php errors
Added option to use the new mangos password encryption
Forgot to add antrix support to save log file. This will be used to determin the server uptime
Removed Errors from wallpapers etc

Changelog 4.1 :
Should be compatible with Antrix
Option to edit the Donation box and page in the admin part
Option to edit the Voting box in the admin part
Option to edit the registration mail
Replaces all previous fixes

Changelog version 4.0 :
Added the Burning Crusade theme
Added support for Mangos
Added encryption for passwords stored in the config file
Added security check in save.php. So no more hacking. Hacking attempts are stored in a file.
Armorsets now support up till tier5
Newest talents
Worldmap now includes Outlands

Changelog version 3.6 :
Added a christmas theme. You can select the theme in the the admin configuration

Changelog version 3.5 :
Fixed the emu type save. Current problem was that it always saves the eng.php to ludmilla, so you cannot select WoWEmu

Changelog version 3.4 (luddy part) :
Realm status now checks if the logon server is on status 1 (online)
Added multiple realm list (shows status of all realms)
Added forgotten icons for top scroll box
Added Mysql part for flashchat box
Removed Donationbox (You can still use it but have to change text in the php files)

Changelog version 3.3:
Improved Layout for playerlist and honorlist.
Now has the option to use in Ludmilla(kobold) set the options in the admin panel.
Added option to select wich topic form on the top scroll box

Changelog version 3.2:
Added screenshot upload for users (extract to /en dir). The default is OFF but can be set in the admin config. When set ON you can specify to wich page you want users to upload. When set ON a link will appear on the screenshot page, and when clicked the user will be forwarded to the upload page. Only jpg, bmp and gifs are allowed.

Changelog version 3.1:
Fixed Header error
Added flash chatbox (mysql needed (start with http://yoursite/setup/chat/install.php), default is off
Added two ways to show the mainpage online. I noticed that the function that the wowemu www package uses could lead to CPU problems on the server. So i added a second method using the old xml read function wich will always work and doesn't lead to problems (now default) so use the database function ONLY is the fileread function doesn't work

Changelog version 3.0:
Fixed error in admin login
Fixed rollbox error
Tested it with local xammp installation
Added web analysies program, access through admin

Changelog version 2.0:
Added all previous updates
Added an install file and fixed some errors in it
Added a semi-automated client checker
Changed some admin login stuff. And added the option to set security level to NONE.

Changelog version 1.14:
Added an option to show honor/stat in a inline frame. This is for people who are having problems to view the honor/stat page. Option can be set in the admin config page

Changelog version 1.13:
Added an option to lower the security login part. It's now Low on default, this is for users that have problems logging into the admin configuration panel. If you don't have problems with this then you can set it back to High.

Changelog version 1.12:
Added a small counter on the bottem of the mainpage wich shows how many users are online
Added kaldorei map to the package, see above how to install
Added an option in the admin page to select wich flashbanner needs to show. There are about ten now

Changelog version 1.11:
Rewritten the players list on the main page and players link. Should solve all problems
Embedded the honor list

Changelog version 1.1:
Removed a lot of images. Repack is now 72MB instead of 160.
Optimized and cleaned up PHP code. Some files are now 50% smaller
Created a configuration editor for errlog and eng.php.
Removed some script errors.
added option to maximize number of online players on the main page
added option to add moderators: Level1 = Edit roll box, community box and error log. Level2 only error log

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