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September 26, 2011, 01:12:01 pm


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We are a Perfect World private server offering players the most true to official server possible. SoD Resurrection offers players a slightly higher rate table than the official server, but not so high that players top out and get bored.

We are one of the few private server that can offer every FB instance open and working along with Cube of Fate, Frostcovered City, Crescent Valley, Old Heavens Tear with all sub maps, Twilight Temple, Nirvana, Dragon Temple, City of Abominations, Wedding Chapel & Marriage Quest, as well as custom maps. Players start at level 1 with 300 reputation & a starter kit. So register, create your perfect character & start your adventures through the vast expanse of SoD Resurrection Perfect World.

Our server is based on RZ 343's package and offers the following rates:

Exp: 50x
SP: 55x
Drops: 10x
Coin: 100x