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PvP Server - v1.5.1 - 105 Level Cap - Retail Server Gear Sets - R9 Gear without Purify - R9R2 gear to start with - Full rebirth system - Full PK - Auto level to 101 - Instant Celestial Culti - Leveling Gearing is Easy and Fast - 10 Balanced Classes - 24/7 Support - Good Admin & GM Staff

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27, Jul 2014 23:36
Here's my non-raider perspective. Closest I got to radiing was a tight-knit, frequently run group that knocked out every non-raid instance we could get our hands on in EQ2 (all the heroic stuff) and we steadily upgraded our characters. So we had plenty of loot discussions and a little drama, but not in a radiing context. Anyway, I've been away and am catching up, so let's see if I can add anything here.1. When you are awarded a piece of gear do you feel it is a reward or something you have won? Why or why not?>>As a non-raider, I had to read everyone's opinion to understand what you meant here. You mean sometimes the guild gives members loot to gear them up for a certain role or raid, right? This virtually never happened in our group after a few formative weeks once we had our core group set up we grew together so it wasn't like we had to gear somebody up months down the road. Or, are you asking whether I feel entitled to loot based on my participation vs. just being grateful when I get any at all? If you're asking that, I'd say I start out being grateful and slide towards entitlement the longer I go without getting any. 2. What purpose does loot serve in your MMORPG experience? How important is it to your play style? Why?>>I was pretty casual for about 5 years in EQ2 so I didn't much care about loot unless it helped my RP look. The value I placed on loot increased immensely once I took a personal interest in becoming the best group member I could be. Skill took me very far and so did endless tinkering with AA builds, but eventually I hit a place where I simply needed better loot to get better. Once loot became the only thing left, I got a little loot crazy and had to step back. It was all new to me, really, these endeavors, efforts, and the joys and dangers of loot mongering.3. Is it fair if you paid ten points for an item that someone else paid five points for two months later? Why or why not?>> We did not have nor did I ever experience a point system. However, I certainly did experience running somebody through an instance later (outside of the pod) were somebody got something I'd worked for forever with relative ease, especially since I was there making it much easier the whole get to greatness quicker on our backs thing. Whether or not it bugged me depended entirely on the humility or hubris of the recipient. Regardless, I always lamented that they could not experience a challenging difficulty curve when all of the players were of the same relative power level vs. the instance.4. When you make a decision to roll or spend points on loot is it an impulse or have you carefully planned what you wanted?>>Early on, it was all impulse after a nod to the veterans and whatever they wanted. Loot wasn't worth rocking the boat over when I didn't care about it. Later on, I rather carefully planned out what I needed and ran instances constantly until I got it. I also experienced the quintessential loot nightmare I was the only CC class in my guild who was good enough to take us through an instance that required me and I'd been in there so many times I could scream. I only wanted one drop and I saw it after maybe the 40th time. It pops, and before I could say anything a first-timer to the instance Need rolls it, I lost my Need role, and she popped it on and attuned it (it was even Tradeable!). The icing on the cake? It was the guild leader's wife. I never saw the drop again (and that STILL makes me grumpy).5. Do you trust other players to award loot fairly or do you need to see some sort of tracking metric?>>The story I related above was a huge anomaly in our group and pretty much just the worst luck ever. Otherwise, I only played with people I trusted to be fair about things, and I expected a few disagreements to come up but really nothing major (besides my story above) happend. I also assumed a personal quest to uncover and work on my own loot issues as they came up. I really had no idea what they would be since I'd never cared about loot before then.6. Do you form a (meta)physical attachment to a particular item or will you part with it easily? Why or why not?>>Sometimes. When I had a particularly emotional experience in getting it then it means more. Maybe it was a crazy hard fight, or maybe it was from an instance we'd tried to beat over and again and finally succeeded. Maybe it was from a rare mob we'd never seen before. Of course, later one I also developed pre-attached to loot I'd run instances over and over again while looking for one drop. That turned out to be a recipe for unhappiness, really. [url=]rhopfuotj[/url] [link=]uxokxnc[/link]

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