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Number of Ratings: 7
Average Rating: 4/5
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Join date: 2012-02-02 00:56:08

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Site Description

Untamed Shaiya is a Ep5.3 server with Max Lv80, 150x Xp rate, No Nos expect Sprint Nos, Max Enchant is [20], Custom Accessories for 15, 30 and 60+, Custom Untamed Lapis, Lv75 gear and a friendly active staff

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Rated: 5/5

01, May 2012 15:14
Relatively new server and so free one of the best I've found. Need more AoL atm but when PVP is going its good. The staff is very friendly. and the community is extremely help. Lvling is is easy and you can farm all you need in-game.

Rated: 2/5

18, Apr 2012 05:21
The Download is very very very very slow shame . 2h ? to long make a Torrent and i will try .

Rated: 5/5

18, Apr 2012 05:05
this is a very good server. From what i can see so far very nice staff. Admin answer pretty fast on questions or help issues. Easy farming. Great pvp Needs Aol member atm. come join us for a great time and great community.

Jacob Samuelson
Rated: 5/5

13, Apr 2012 20:58
Good server lots of fury need more lights. easy to up your lvl and link your gear lot of easy to farm lapis and enchants. Staff are good very helpful and NO FAVORITISM. all are equal whether you donate or not. More lights need to join! or fury! more peeps plsss! cya ingame.

Manuel Locosta
Rated: 5/5

09, Apr 2012 20:09
Server is excellent has fast levels good drops and everyone is helpful with getting other players lvled and geared. we just need more players! light and fury we need you all!

Jaime Arron
Rated: 5/5

04, Apr 2012 13:38
High exp rate lotsa freebies in item mall including 30day items. Everything seems farmable so far. You always have a chance to improve your gear thru farming, tho you can buy your way there also. All in all one of the best servers ive found, it just needs more players since its so new.

Rated: 1/5

23, Mar 2012 22:48
Terrible server Horrible Staff, Light heavy, No PVP, Owner and Admin have no idea what there doing....

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