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Best development team ,new core based on C#, 100% Working server, dedicated server , no hackers ,3 servers rates are 50x normal, 300x medium and 950x FUN . Come join Us !

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Rated: 3/5

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Rated: 3/5

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Rated: 3/5

25, Jul 2014 11:55
Okay a review from a guy whose acullaty played the game, but first . . . I was prompted to write in when fellow reviewers rebutaled against some gent who gave this game a bad review when in fact he either didn't play it, played the demo, or played a japanese import version; which is sad. When Silent Hill one came out, I found a demo in some game magazine and gave it a whirl; and i hated it. There was a glitch in a puzzle, the controls were not very good, and the guy w/ the gun couldn't hit anything. Despite my thoughts, i noticed gamers and magazines raving how great it was, i checked into it asked questions and found the game was fixed from the demo, and they were right, i bought it and loved it. And that's all she wrote, so if you hate the game 'cause of a demo and/or import, go out and play the real deal, you'll thank yourself for it.It might seem sad that one could get scared or freaked out by a game, but guarented this one, like its predecessor, will get to ya. The spooks and chills aren't the variety where you jump out and grab your sister from behind the staircase startling. The horror and despair derives that from a deep story that gets into your mind and doesn't let go. The quality of Silent Hill is amazing; it isn't the same hash, it isn't evil corporations churning out zombies for profit (capcoms lol). The town of Silent Hill is corroded, dilapated; just like the first. The streets have been cut off from the rest of the world and freaky things r haunting the streets hidden in fog which now swirls and writhes about you like a living thing. Creatures abound and you can hear gnashing of teeth, growls, and a plethora of crumbling machines pistoning and squealing in the distance. This game will have you looking all about trying to locate these noises, making you wonder if theres something out there that will harm you.Silent Hill is a sequel that stands on its own, you don't have to play the first to understand whats going on. The ps2 gives the game a whole new level of kick w/ its graphics. My one complaint w/ the first was the ugly and fairly bland enemies. Now we have a machine that truely brings out the terror of these monsters; by way of their looks and their flipped out movements. The story, you've probably heard, and the character is similar to harry mason from the first in that he isn't anyone special, no special forces rambo wanna bes here. I doubt the res evil crew could hack it in silent haha. Not appropriate for children; you may have to keep the lights on, friends nearby, and play it in increments, because people do get freaked out w/ this series (i know, i've had friends you couldn't sleep at night, and ran home in the after dark when they had to walk to their apartment from a friends and that guys was like 23). This is the first time i've played a game w/a dual shock and so the controls were a bit funky at first, but if you're like me, you'll take to it like a duck to water; the vibration only ads the game. Plus, if you don't mind zipping back to the graphics, its fun to see the main character swing his head back and forth w/ the analog. A cool feature w/ the game is that when you enter an area w/ an item, James will swing his head about to hone in on the object, making finding items and your foe alot easier. To be honest, I can't say enough about the good in this game, it may not be perfect, but hey, its a blast. Power up the game and watch the detailed (graphicly) intro, and I'll bet you'll be wondering why the hell would anyone go down the mountain road encased in fog . . . sorry no . . . james bud, if you're smart you would have turned back and run . . ask harry!! So come on in, relax, pick up that board, fire up the radio, welcome back to silent hill, the sanctuary of memories, welcome back to hell.

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