Guild Wars - Rice for honor

Brand new server , Latest updates , no bugs , 24/7 dedicated server , Rates 700/650/500 and lot more . Join us Now !

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Play Sudoku online

Give your Brain a Treat and become a real Sudokuwizz Play Sudoku online, we have games of all levels and all Different Versions Also You Can Print Sudoku Puzzle

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DiViNo Flyff

[Exp:900][Drop:700][Penya:1050][V18 Rdy][Root Server][GW amp Farm Server][3rd Job][FUN Server][[No negativ Awakes] [V19 Flaris] [Custom Maps] [GW Arena][Oneklick Jobchange][Lvl Up- Gifts][Good Anti###][Teleporter][Ingame CS Seller]

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Exile FlyFF Private server - Free to Play MMORPG

We are a custom FlyFF server with a really nice balanced gameplay. We invite you to play our server and test our amazing features. Visit the website for more information about the systems we have and the many other great things we can offer you.

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Play For Fun EXCLUS !!!

Decouvrez Play For Fun ! Serveur unique en son genre ! Decouvrez plein de nouveautees, et ajout unique en terme de systŤme ! Vous devez decouvrir ce serveur, sinon vous allez passer a cote de quelquechose !

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DizzardWoW Funserver

Enjoy being in the server! It's a Funserver! a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

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Best-Private-Server in the world join US! we have-Donation sistem-vote sistem-custom items-custom qestAnd Much More JOIN US NOW!

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[SIGHT-MU] Grand Opening - 2017/08/23 18:00 (UTC +2) Se

Basic Server information: Version: Season IX Experience: x50 - DYNAMIC Master experience: x25 Drop: 40% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 330 Points per level: 5/7/7 Master points per level: 1 Min Monster level for MLexp: 85 Maximum stat: 32767

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Shaiya Super-Star

E um site da Super-Star Games que disponibiliza varios jogos espetaculares,um deles e o famoso jogo de mmorpg Shaiya.

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ABCUO - Welcome to ABC Ultima Online

Custom Stygian Abyss Server. No Skill Cap, 305/330 Stat Cap. Fast Paced 4/5.4 PvP, Daily PvP Tournaments, PVM events, Texas Hold'em, Double Domination, Capture the Flag.

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Determent-WoW 3.3.5a i70

Instant 70, 3.3.5a, PvP Ranks, World Chat, Custom Mall, Balanced PvP Gear, No bugs, Weekly Events, Experienced Staff, 24/7 Uptime, Balanced PvP, No OP donaters & more!

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Nevareth Cabal Romania

Server creat de catre Elder, fondatorul primului server de cabal romanesc, CAOR din 2008. Low Rate | Season Concept | Abandoned City | Request Craft | Legend Arena and many more

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Lunia Reloaded

New server files , fresh new emulator , Starting items , Rates are 670x , server online 24/7,professional staff , Join us now !

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hola Server nuevo Todos los nuevos Frac Full en espanol frac de caballos nuevos V5620 todo nuevo level maximo 140 +12 -7 2 sock latigos piratas 100% nuevas cosas de ninjas

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101 - Matrix server

New emulator , High rates, unique features, ingame rewards system , 24/7 dedicated server ,mature gm , free newbie items on start .

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Leones German Reallife Server

Wir Sind ein Deutscher Reallife Server der seit Dezember 2011 Online ist.

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Xtremewar [3.3.5] instant 80 + items (limited)

Xtremewar new WOTLK server [3.3.5] Instantly level up 3 of your char and get free items now ! (limited) Blizzlike Xp kill: 10 Xp quest: 15 Gold Rate: x3 Arena Rate: x1 Honor rate : x2

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Versão: 4.3.4 Latência: 20 ~ 80 ms Rates do Servidor: -Experiencia: 15x - 25x(evento) -Itens: 10x -Gold: 5x - 30x -Missão: 15x -Profissão: 1x - 2x(evento) -Reputação: 1x - 2x(evento) -Eploração: 10X

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Argonath Shaiya Test

This is a one-time test for the Argonath Shaiya server's voting system to make sure it works properly! Please understand that this is only a test, and will be allowed to expire on its own once the test is completed.

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Servidor de alta qualidade(sem Lag). Totalmente dedicado ao pvp 1~15. Dois administradores experientes. Mapas, Monstros, Bosses e Items adaptados. 98% dos Items podem ser comprados com Ouro. Zona de drop amig√°vel. Vendedores customizados. Eventos di√°rios

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mu venezolano muy buena exp 3000 drop 80

Category: Games › Mu Online

Soulless shaiya

Welcome to SoulLess shaiya don't be affraid to come check us out we are a lot of fun, we also have a free item mall and Active staff and x75 Exp rate during the week and x150 on the weekends. also everything is working on our Shaiya thanks for checking us out!!!NEWEST EP!!!

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The Best. We have PB. Therefore we win. The Game. Please Edit this Tazzer.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Shaiya Spirit Ep 4.5

Free Episode 4,5 based server ALL items and SP attainable without donations - new custom 1-15 Dungeon - reworked experience rates for smooth grinding - kill rate x2

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STN.LV Gaming Project

STN.LV Our server list: * DD2 ONLY (connect * DEATHRUN (connect * HIDE'N'SEEK (connect * SURF (connect * GUNGAME (connect * WAR3+DM 25LVL (connect * BASEBUILDER (connect Our forum has international section as well. We both have iRadio station.

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Full Season II 0 BUGS Download Client: Kanturu Event Crywolf Event Season II Monsters Season II Maps ->Aida ->Crywolf ->Kanturu Season II Items and many more featuring

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MagniFic-Co Classic

Eu Hosted Server, Version 5375, Old Interface, Old Jump, Voting/Online Points, Max Level 130, Max Plus +9, Max Reborn 1rb, Bal EXP Rates, classic Hunting Rates, Leveling Server, Lots of Events to choose from, Awesome Design Give Us Try

Category: Games › Conquer Online

Cursed Soldiers Shaiya

NEW SERVER, custom gears great staff free Item Mall, Custom Lapis Ggreat pvp events nearly everyday, come join our family for a great experience

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EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00

EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug

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German 3.3.5 Blizzlike WoW Privat Server

Sei dabei! Spiel mit uns auf unseren 4 Realms. Wir spielen ausschliesslich Blizzlike auf 3 Realms verteilt. 1 Realm ist reines Rollenspiel. Wir w√ľnschen euch viel Spass :) Nutzung bleibt kostenlos und wird durch Werbung finanziert.

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Heaven WoW Custom 255 Server

WotLK 3.3.5a,Level 255,Daily fixes,Over 15M HP,Great stability,Custom instances,99% Spells working,Over,1500 custom items,Over 15 custom quests,Custom Patch,All race-class combinations,Several custom malls,Arena ### PvP gear,Battleground for level 255,Custom VIP rank for donors,Vote rewards,Donation rewards

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

JaxWow WOTLK 3.3.5a Blizz Low Rates

WOTLK fresh new server looking for staff. Join us for great fun. Ddos protection, dedicated PC with 64 gb ram ready for players. Hai frate mai taie din description asta ca e prea lunt, 150 de chars, da de unde plm sa scriu atat.

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tower defence games

Classic Games, Physics Games, Puzzle Games, Shooting Games, Sport Games, Strategy Games, Action Games, Arcade Games, Basketball Games, Adventure Games

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free games solitaire

Find all the Po###r Free Solitaire Games here at Fexi Pyramid Solitaire, Classic Solitaire, Zombie Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Castle Solitaire and so much more

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l MU CANAIMA 0.99C+ l 99999x - 99% Drop l SERVIDOR D

MU Canaima 0.99C+ , que esperas ingresa y diviertete, WebSite: Version 0.99C+ - 5 Pts x Level - Experience 1500x Drops 75% Reset: 400 Via Web NEW COMMANDS, DAILY EVENTS FOR GM, JOIN US FREE BUG !

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LegacyWoW Servers

Vanilla WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80) TBC WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80) WoTLK WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80) Cata WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80) Panda WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80)

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Season 6 Drop 70% Exp 6000x Wings Drop Gm Box BB:OFF

Category: Games › Mu Online

AllodsNE -

Allodsne - AllodsOnline 4.0.2 Server - Daiily free 100 Kri - A lot of free items and bonus - Instatn lvl 55 - No need to word mystery - All Free -

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Shaiya Outcast

We are an Episode 5 Server with Episode 5 skills 300x Exp Rate Lv15 legend and Lv30 goddess gear and accs for your enjoyment. Mostly free server with 70 gears and other items as PvP rewards. PvP and events in all pvp zones.All items drop in game at a decent drop rate or they are free in the in game item mall. Feel free to check it out.

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Grand Theft Auto - myVictory Roleplay

Guten Tag leute, wir mŲchten euch auf unseren neuen Server begruŖen. Ihr habt lust richtig Roleplay zu spielen? dann seit ihr hier genau richtig! Good day people, we would like to welcome you to our new server. You have to play really pleasurable Roleplay? then exactly since her right here!

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OpenMu Season 3 Episodio 1 - Server Name: OpenMu - Website : - Version: Season III + Episode I - Server is from: Bulgaria - Experience: 99999x Facebook : Forum : Website :

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Sunrise PandaCore Realms


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shaiya formix remake ep

Mais novo servidor de shaiya online gogogo jin us pessoa aberto a auguns dias! Mais novo servidor de shaiya online gogogo jin us pessoa aberto a auguns dias! Mais novo servidor de shaiya online gogogo jin us pessoa aberto a auguns dias!

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All-Net-Gaming WoW

Our World Of Warcraft Private Server: Patch: 3.3.5a Startlevel: 6 Startmoney Gold: 20 Quest EXP: x25 Kill EXP: x25 discover EXP: x25 Item Drop Rate: x5 Gold Drop Rate: x5 Realmlist: set realmlist Create here an account:

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silkroad top list

Silkroad Online Private Server, top 100 Silkroad Online private servers, Silkroad Online top 200, Silk Road - SRO top list

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Alpha WoW Instant 85

4.3.4 Cata WoW, Instant 85, Blizzlike PvP, 1v1 Arena System, No custom items and OP donor gear, active staff who actually answer your questions and hang out with you, constant development

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

seal top list

Seal Online Private Server, top 100 Seal Online private servers, Seal Online top 200, Seal Online top list

Category: Games › Seal Online

bright shadow top list

Bright Shadow Private Server top 100 Bright Shadow private servers,, Bright Shadow top 200, Bright Shadow top list

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dragon nest server

Dragon Nest Private Server, top 100 Dragon Nest private servers, Dragon Nest top 200, Dragon Nest top list

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Altarix Wow Fun 255 Server

Fun 255 Server, Game 3.3.5a,Custom Items,Vip System,Teleporter,Custom Boss,Instances,World Boss,World chat,Leveling Road,x800 rates so you can level faster,Custom Quest and story line.We are looking for gms and devs.Join now!

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