Shaiya B-13 PvP

EP 5.3 Oriented Server x45 Killcount (At naked x65) Shaiya B-13 Is Made Only For PVP ! Naked Event Every Day! Active Staff's Instant Level 70 Custom Interface Exploit Removed! Stable Server Join Us. You Search Better EP5.3 Server ? What You Wait !

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Creation Of Shaiya

[EP 4.5] [EXP Rate x80][Max level 60] [No Noss] [OI 24/7] [24/7 online] [No Lag] [Enchant Rate 99,9%] [Stable EP 4 Server] [Friendly Staff] [Weekly Events] [alot of updates] [Come and join for EP4 - Eternity - Gameplay Experience]

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Magic-Co Best Private Server In My Opinion

5909 - Free Server - 4000 Cps Drop - 8000 Cps Drop In The First 10 Min In Each Hour - No Lag - No bots - JiangHu - SkillSoul - EpicWeapons - SkillTeam - TeamPk - SubClass - 145 Max Level - 3DMaps - CTF - FlowerSystem - No Bugs - Give us a try Arsenal]- Join Us Now

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Helbreath Latino V2.0

Classic 200/200 server with no lag, anti-pulling system, party on minimap, new mobs, and much more! JOIN US!. Host 24/7 Online 23/08/2014. Surprise events, Rush, heldenian, crusade.

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Shaiya Shadow Walking

-EP 4.5 PvP Server -Custom Gears -100% Free Server, just take gears from NPC and go PvP -Instant Level 60 -x1 Kill Count all time -No Enchant At Gears/Weapons ! -No Recreation At Gears/Weapons ! -200.000 Max Kills with PvP System

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Altarix Wow Fun 255 Server

Fun 255 Server, Game 3.3.5a,Custom Items,Vip System,Teleporter,Custom Boss,Instances,World Boss,World chat,Leveling Road,x800 rates so you can level faster,Custom Quest and story line.We are looking for gms and devs.Join now!

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Clash of Azeroth

Blizzlike 8x rates, no custom content, Replicate Blizzard on Patch 3.3.5a, ICC normal+heroic working, All arenas and seasons enabled, No wipes/rollbacks, massive uptime, Fully Scripted, Lag Free, Dedicated, Complete Character Customization, Vote point rewards, Active GMs, Professional developed.

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[TitanCo] Big Challenge World epic Wars

[TitanCo][2000Cps With Auto][Full CLass][Lv145 +12 Max][Mutch Epic Wars No One See it In Any Other Faxed Skills][Arena and Team And Champion Qualifier][Its Wolrd Of War ][Elite,skill,TeamPkTQ][No Lag][TreasureBox][TQ Feature][an Usa Host]ChiSystem TQ QuizShow[Can Get Gp vip Cps frome Playing]

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Alpha WoW Instant 85

4.3.4 Cata WoW, Instant 85, Blizzlike PvP, 1v1 Arena System, No custom items and OP donor gear, active staff who actually answer your questions and hang out with you, constant development

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PsychoFun 2.4.3

Hi friend, try WWW.PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU server 2.4.3,rate 500x(3min exping),crossfaction arenas,10-30events/day(5-15gm/day active),now 267 online,instant mounts,barber,item transmog,custom dungeons(diablo,zoo,emerald dream) BG,CZ,DE,ENG,FR,IT,PL,SK,RU :-)

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RomeMu - World of Gladiators

Seazon 6 Episode 2 ,Server Online 24/7 , EXP 6000 ,Drop 100% , Grand Reset , Nice Events , Romania Data Server.Join Us

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Darkness of Dragons is a NEW Eo server DDOS protected, Staff always online 100% up time, Maints daily, Updated server, lots to do loads of quests cheap donations, and staff very helpfull see you all there !

Category: Games › Eudemons Online

Ellysium - More than Just Warcraft

Instant 80, Start EQ Season 7 und Tier 9 // Guter Support, tgliche Events // Jump ### Labyrinth event und selberstellte Quests // Gut durchdachtes Erfarmsystem

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Noones WoW - Level 150 Funserver

Noones WoW - Level 150 Custom Funserver. - Custom Zones, Areas, Item, Quests etc. Full Custom Funserver - Daily Events - World Bosses - Over 2000 Custom Items

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Panda Of Flame Suomi

Tämä On Suomen kielinen mist of pandaria serveri patch 5.1.0 6x kertaa xpeetä ja 7x Tehtävistä ja 10X kartan avaamisesta ja meillä on myös pelaajille alue jossaon tavaran myyjiä 80-90 levelisille ja paikka on pandaria alue

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Shaiya Goldene Sahara

Wir sind ein Deutscher Shaiya Privat Server im Neuaufbau mit der 4.5 Episode. Unser End Level ist 126.Mit Endlapis stufe 9 und Premiumlapis. Es gibt 15,30,70,90 und 126 Rüssi.

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[HUN] BrewFest PVP WoW 3.3.5

- EGYEDI FULL S9 Set!!! -Start--) LVL 80 -Storwind tele vendorral!! -Arena,Honorert Legendary-k,kulnfele SET-ek -Orgrimmar tele vandorral!! -Battleground-ok -Full NPC Teleporter -Jumping Event -Happy Island -Bugok Folyamatos Javtsa -No Lagg -No DC -Egyedi Arenk, Stormwind el####337;tt Pet Park, Duel Place!!!

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Your Knight Online MYKO Launch Date 30th May 2014

Brand New Server! Farm, Level cap 70, Border Defense War, Death Match, Ardream, Bifrost, Monster Count(bonus exp for killing the same monster a certain amount of times), Hera Scroll, Cypher Ring, The biggest community of all private serversand much more.

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Shaiya Cryptic(BrasilGamers)

Venha conheçer essa incrivel aventura conosco, e fazer novos Amigos. com Sets FREE. Com novos Set Novas Armas Novas Montaria Novos Mapas Vamos juntos Destruir o inimigo e ter a nossa Glória!!! Skype1 >> brasilgamers Skype2 >> fenix-tupi

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MagicMU Season 3 Episode 1

Server Version: Season3 Episode1 (1.04H) Server Experiance: 200x Server Drop Rate: 80% Anti-dupe:On Monsers HP: 80% Clear Stats:No Clear Skills:No Grand Reset:Online Reset Level:400

Category: Games › Mu Online


3.3.5 High rate, Start vendors, Start money, Good Community...Come n Try!

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■Website : ■Group : ■Forum :

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Games Face un lugar para Olvidarte del Mundo

Server Privado de WoW, pasa y disfruta, cuantos mas amigos invites mas premios para ti, ponte en contacto con nosotros para recibir, monturas, oro y premios unicos, solo por invitar a tus amigos, no te olvides de votar todos los dias, asi reciviras puntos para cambiar en la web

Category: Games › Warcraft 3

Azgard o Es un Servidor con xp increible! Empiezas con 1000 de oro y subes al lvl 80 aproximadamete en 3 horas!!Es muy facil es algo custom pero sin parches!! Todas las bg,Todas las instaces,arenas...ETC!

Category: Games › Aion Online

WoWish-Swe [3.3.5] 24/7 High Rate

Hey! Join wowish server many custom bosses taxi and tier sets, open 24/7 and are recruiting GM's Visit :) See ya

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OneWorld 3.3.5 Level 1 twink Funserver

* Level 1 twink Funserver * Custom Raids * Custom Sets * Custom Weapons * Custom Quests * Start with Retail BIS Gear and enchants! * Instances For level 1! * Voting System *

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Savana Counter Strike Community Our servers : [24/] - CSDM [Free30LVL] - SuperHero Mod vote for our servers and join our clan . Thank you ! :)

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Kudo Shaiya | Massive PvP Battles

PvP server with ep7 contents PvP in all areas:80. No overpowered gear/lapis,Naked pvp every day,custom gears,friendly staff members.JOIN US NOW! more information find in our website!

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GlobalMu Online

Server Version: 97d Beta Server Experiance: 50x Server Drop Rate: 60% Monsers HP: 60% Votes Reward:On Webshop System: On Chaos Machine Succes 70% Clear Skills: No Clear Stats: No Stadium lvl: 50 Point Level: 5/7 Reset Level: 400

Category: Games › Mu Online

MU - Order by addicted2

Season 3 Costum, LowXP, Drop 60%, GameGuard ON, no BUGS, 2 NEW Jewels,Lvl 4 Wings, Client side clicker press F10, Costum Items, Costum ancients, Costum NPCs, 2 Quest NPCs, Costum Events, Grand reset, NO agility bugs, Costum commands, webshop, cash shop

Category: Games › Mu Online

[HotCS.EU] Bulgarian SA-MP Server.

Основната тематика на сървъра е stunt/drift/dm/gang/freeroam, но имаме и къщи, безнеси, банди, лични коли, работи, риболов и други.

Category: Games › Grand Theft Auto

Cho Ragnarok Online

Pre-Renewal - Rates: 25x/25x/15x - Max Level: 99/70 - Stable and Balance Server - Active and Friendly GMs - No Over Power Items - More Quest and Events to make you feel perfect adventure!

Category: Games › Ragnarok Online

Magico-Co Drop 10.000 Cps V6172

[Version 6172][Bosses in all maps with great rewards][10000 Drop Cps] New Epic weapons , Anti Cheat System ,Extra Attack Honor Fixed,Chi Fixed , Hours - Daily and weekly events, Elite Pk Tournament,Donation PkWar,DevilPk war, Come and find out yourself--

Category: Games › Conquer Online

Chiccos 3.3.5A WoW Server Blizzlike

Spiel mit uns auf unserem WoW Server :) Wir bieten euch einen standartmässigen WoW Server ohne viel schnick schnack. Only Just4Fun. Wir wünschen euch nun ganz viel Spass und freuen uns auf eure registrierung :)

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Cursed Soldiers Shaiya

NEW SERVER, custom gears great staff free Item Mall, Custom Lapis Ggreat pvp events nearly everyday, come join our family for a great experience

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Conquer Origins - Embrace the nostalgia

[Conquer Origins - 5017 Based Classic Server] [Trojan] [Warrior] [Archer] [FireTao] [WaterTao] [Low rates] [Old Compose System] [Old Jump] [Max +9] [Mining] [EU Hosted] [English Community]

Category: Games › Conquer Online

Shaiya Night and Day

Wir sind ein Deutscher P-Server auf EP5 Basis, nettes Team , Nette Community und Nette Bosse, Donation ist kein Must have, Exp. Boost 60x, Vote for AP, AP for PvP, TS3, Immer aktuelle HP, das Team arbeitet stetig an Neuerungen und Verbesserungen. Joint noch heute :D

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Azgard WoW Server Latino

Azgard WoW Server latino,versión 3.3.5a staff dedicado a la gestión del server y atención a jugadores . Estabilidad y funcionamiento al 100%.-Eventos,BGS Crossfaction-Transfiguraciónes-Instancias-Arenas 1c1-Mall para profesiones.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft


New Shaiya server /high rates/ custom gears/ lagg free / friendly Staff and a lot of events !! join in you won't get disappointed ! :D

Category: Games › Shaiya

Shaiya Misterio

Welcome, New shaiya server , fully prepared to your enjoyment , PVP full , ongoing events, Episode 6 , lvl 70 ,new map.100 % asset managers , intermediate events each week .

Category: Games › Shaiya


The Best. We have PB. Therefore we win. The Game. Please Edit this Tazzer.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Soulless shaiya

Welcome to SoulLess shaiya don't be affraid to come check us out we are a lot of fun, we also have a free item mall and Active staff and x75 Exp rate during the week and x150 on the weekends. also everything is working on our Shaiya thanks for checking us out!!!NEWEST EP!!!

Category: Games › Shaiya

Heaven WoW Custom 255 Server

WotLK 3.3.5a,Level 255,Daily fixes,Over 15M HP,Great stability,Custom instances,99% Spells working,Over,1500 custom items,Over 15 custom quests,Custom Patch,All race-class combinations,Several custom malls,Arena ### PvP gear,Battleground for level 255,Custom VIP rank for donors,Vote rewards,Donation rewards

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Shaiya Apocalypse

Shaiya Apocalypse episode 4.5 / news weapons Apocalypse / news accessory Apocalypse / news Cape Apocalypse / news account 15 000 donnate point offert / staff active / server English / link rate 50 all lapis / kill X 5 / exp X 900 / all item drop in games

Category: Games › Shaiya

Real Mu Pre Season X [Grand Opening March 19th]

[The First Dynamic Exp Non-Reset Server][Pre Season X][Worldwide Community][Based Economy][Fair GamePlay][No Lags][No FO Items][Long Term Play][Challenging GamePlay][Balanced PvP,PvM][Spots][10/12 Pts Per Level][New Wings][New Events][New Buffs Duration][Ticket Support][Advanced Anti-Cheat]

Category: Games › Mu Online

Shaiya Gods Of Earth

Welcome To Shaiya Gods Of Earth this is the best PvP-PvE Server we have an Great Team our team is olways online only for you free items for our players vote and get an reward massive pvp and big events will be here once again this is the best server Max lv is 85 kill x 100 join

Category: Games › Shaiya

Season 6 Drop 70% Exp 6000x Wings Drop Gm Box BB:OFF

Category: Games › Mu Online

Shaiya Outcast

We are an Episode 5 Server with Episode 5 skills 300x Exp Rate Lv15 legend and Lv30 goddess gear and accs for your enjoyment. Mostly free server with 70 gears and other items as PvP rewards. PvP and events in all pvp zones.All items drop in game at a decent drop rate or they are free in the in game item mall. Feel free to check it out.

Category: Games › Shaiya


The first Private Server Ragnarok Online who give apreciate to player with REAL MONEY! Pre Renewal - 99/70 - 150/150/80 - Unique Quest and Events - Active Community and GM's - Balanced Server - 24/7 Online

Category: Games › Ragnarok Online

Allods Dark Era

Free items for new players - New Update - 32GB ECC RAM - Dedicated Server 24/7 - No Spam - PvP - No Lag - No donation needed - Lots of players online - No Bugs - Active community - Great Staff - We have moderators and admins that help you with every need

Category: Games › Allods Online