Shaiya Zodiac Episode 4.5

Shaiya Zodiac Episode: 4.5 PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting, EXP Rate: x50/x100 Weekends,KILL Rate: x1,3PvP Areas: 15, 30 and 60,Linking Rate: Max Linking Chance is 100%,Shaiya Points(SP)can be obtained in-game,Shared Raids System,DDoS Protected Server

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Shaiya Super-Star

E um site da Super-Star Games que disponibiliza varios jogos espetaculares,um deles e o famoso jogo de mmorpg Shaiya.

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Chronicles Eu - Best RSPS Private SERVER

Chronicles Eu - High rate | Instant | More information will be added soon Chronicles Eu - High rate | Instant | More information will be added soon Chronicles Eu - High rate | Instant | More information will be added soon Chronicles Eu - High rate | Instant | More information will be added soon Chronicles Eu - High

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Shaiya Future Battle EP 5.4 LV70

We are a instant level 15/30/70 with farm involved free sets included, with the biggest features, we offer in game professional rerolling system and free stat removal, enchantment and linking is free of costs. We also offer battlefield runes regular kill rate 2x and with battlefield rune 4x

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Lunia Reloaded

New server files , fresh new emulator , Starting items , Rates are 670x , server online 24/7,professional staff , Join us now !

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hola Server nuevo Todos los nuevos Frac Full en espanol frac de caballos nuevos V5620 todo nuevo level maximo 140 +12 -7 2 sock latigos piratas 100% nuevas cosas de ninjas

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101 - Matrix server

New emulator , High rates, unique features, ingame rewards system , 24/7 dedicated server ,mature gm , free newbie items on start .

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Leones German Reallife Server

Wir Sind ein Deutscher Reallife Server der seit Dezember 2011 Online ist.

Category: Games › Grand Theft Auto - Schimba viata monotona cu un mafiota ! Mafia, orice om de rând se teme de ea. Aceste organizații criminale misterioase și foarte bine organizate bagă frica în fiecare cetățean care se supune legii. Era teribilă a Mafiei a început în Italia, pe insula Sicilia, la începutul anilor 1900.

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Rebel-WoW 2.4.3 server

max level 255 custom bosses custom pvp arena custom npc custom quest custom donate custom leveling arena custom boss zone custom pvp zone custom mall custom event custom race event

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Argonath Shaiya Test

This is a one-time test for the Argonath Shaiya server's voting system to make sure it works properly! Please understand that this is only a test, and will be allowed to expire on its own once the test is completed.

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My Site is for everyone :) Just join her now for my site :) This site is for the men/women who love shaiya.anislag don't forget to join and visit our page . Thank You. Godbless Everyone of you. :)

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Aion Online Dark Era

Free items for new players - New Update - 32GB ECC RAM - Dedicated Server 24/7 - No Spam - PvP - No Lag - No donation needed - Lots of players online - No Bugs - Active community - Great Staff - We have moderators and admins that help you with every need

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Servidor de alta qualidade(sem Lag). Totalmente dedicado ao pvp 1~15. Dois administradores experientes. Mapas, Monstros, Bosses e Items adaptados. 98% dos Items podem ser comprados com Ouro. Zona de drop amigável. Vendedores customizados. Eventos diários

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70 Level Cap] [Tier 7 to Tier 12] [20000+ Custom Items] [Amazing Custom and scripted Instances] [Balanced Classes] [Custom Quests] [Custom Bosses] [Working BG and Arena] [Friendly Staff][Transmog Mall] [Custom Mall] [Custom PVE and PVP items][Custom Commands] [Custom Events] [Crossfaction BG]

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[Version: Season 6 Episode 3] [Experience Rate: 9999x] [Drop Rate: 100%] [Jewel Success Rate: 100%] [Chaos Mix: 100%] [Points Per Level: 50/70] [Max Stats: 65k] [In Shops: All Jewels, Skills/Orbs/Scrolls, Quest items, Wings, Excellent Items for every class.]

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Noones WoW - Level 150 Funserver

Noones WoW - Level 150 Custom Funserver. - Custom Zones, Areas, Item, Quests etc. Full Custom Funserver - Daily Events - World Bosses - Over 2000 Custom Items

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[TitanCo] Big Challenge World epic Wars

[TitanCo][2000Cps With Auto][Full CLass][Lv145 +12 Max][Mutch Epic Wars No One See it In Any Other Faxed Skills][Arena and Team And Champion Qualifier][Its Wolrd Of War ][Elite,skill,TeamPkTQ][No Lag][TreasureBox][TQ Feature][an Usa Host]ChiSystem TQ QuizShow[Can Get Gp vip Cps frome Playing]

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Cursed Soldiers Shaiya

NEW SERVER, custom gears great staff free Item Mall, Custom Lapis Ggreat pvp events nearly everyday, come join our family for a great experience

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ABCUO - Welcome to ABC Ultima Online

Custom Stygian Abyss Server. No Skill Cap, 305/330 Stat Cap. Fast Paced 4/5.4 PvP, Daily PvP Tournaments, PVM events, Texas Hold'em, Double Domination, Capture the Flag.

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Clash of Azeroth

Blizzlike 8x rates, no custom content, Replicate Blizzard on Patch 3.3.5a, ICC normal+heroic working, All arenas and seasons enabled, No wipes/rollbacks, massive uptime, Fully Scripted, Lag Free, Dedicated, Complete Character Customization, Vote point rewards, Active GMs, Professional developed.

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Nevareth Cabal Romania

Server creat de catre Elder, fondatorul primului server de cabal romanesc, CAOR din 2008. Low Rate | Season Concept | Abandoned City | Request Craft | Legend Arena and many more

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[SIGHT-MU] Grand Opening - 2017/08/23 18:00 (UTC +2) Se

Basic Server information: Version: Season IX Experience: x50 - DYNAMIC Master experience: x25 Drop: 40% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 330 Points per level: 5/7/7 Master points per level: 1 Min Monster level for MLexp: 85 Maximum stat: 32767

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Shaiya Hermes

Episodio 6♤100% Gratis: Item mal e Drop♤Staff: Companheira♤Farm Kill: ON♤Drop ap: +50♤Servidor: Exclusivo para PvP♤GBR:ON♤Kill: x50 ativa♤evento: x175♤Ranking: 1kk♤Sistema ffa: Free for All on ♤Eventos Semanais♤ ♤Equipamento azul free♤ ♤Fantasia especiais +40 e +30♤Asas +25♤Elemento +15free♤PVP15 E 80

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New Shaiya server /high rates/ custom gears/ lagg free / friendly Staff and a lot of events !! join in you won't get disappointed ! :D

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Unforgiven Angels | Classic, TBC, WOTLK

World Of Warcraft: Classic, Version 1.12.1, Build 5875 | World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Version 2.4.3, Build 8606 | World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King, Version 3.3.5 Build 12340

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The Best. We have PB. Therefore we win. The Game. Please Edit this Tazzer.

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Soulless shaiya

Welcome to SoulLess shaiya don't be affraid to come check us out we are a lot of fun, we also have a free item mall and Active staff and x75 Exp rate during the week and x150 on the weekends. also everything is working on our Shaiya thanks for checking us out!!!NEWEST EP!!!

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LegacyWoW Servers

Vanilla WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80) TBC WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80) WoTLK WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80) Cata WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80) Panda WoW Blizzlike High-Rate Fun Server(Instant 80)

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Killerz Drift Rocks

Rocking! Shocking Man It rocks!!! This Server Is Awesome Ip is this is for 0.3x and for 0.3e is Hope You Like It And I Have A Forum Too. I love my server hope you like it toooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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ACE Online Dark Era

Free items for new players - New Update - 32GB ECC RAM - Dedicated Server 24/7 - No Spam - PvP - No Lag - No donation needed - Lots of players online - No Bugs - Active community - Great Staff - We have moderators and admins that help you with every need

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Destiny SRO 110 CAP

Destiny Silkroad 110 EXP & SP RATE:300x DROP:40x SOX DROP:40x GOLD DROP RATE:15x 7/24 Online GM Destiny Silkroad Full CLİENT LİNK = Full CLİENT Direct Download LİNK =

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Season 6 Drop 70% Exp 6000x Wings Drop Gm Box BB:OFF

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Shaiya Outcast

We are an Episode 5 Server with Episode 5 skills 300x Exp Rate Lv15 legend and Lv30 goddess gear and accs for your enjoyment. Mostly free server with 70 gears and other items as PvP rewards. PvP and events in all pvp zones.All items drop in game at a decent drop rate or they are free in the in game item mall. Feel free to check it out.

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Shaiya Recovery

Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen bei Shaiya Recovery ;) Wir spielen Episode 4.0 ! Max.LvL 60 EP-Boost:50x (Wochenende 100x) Verzauberungs Rate: Waffen Level max.10 Rüstung Level max.10 Special Karten und Monster von EP 7.0 Intigriert Sowie Limitierte Bonus Quest´s. Bosse und Dungeon Mäuse droppen RP (Recovery-Point´s). Erleichtertes Reisesystem da

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Increible-Custom Server Inst80 PVP

Incredible-Custom Server Inst80, Shop en Tanaris ambas fracciones Zona Neutral Anti-PVP, Promocion de Item de Eventos Regalando en Shop, BG ACTIVOS. Y MAS!

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Shaiya Blitzkrieg

-Episode 4.5 Dedicated Server -Instant Level -Kill x1 Event x2 -Shared Kills -Easy Farm -Boss Hunting -No Debuff Lapis -KO Nostrum -Friendly Staff

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Sunrise PandaCore Realms


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Mind-WoW Fun Server

We are the best world of warcraft fun server!!! Just join us and be happy!!! We work 24/7... We have so good gm/admin staff.they all times help players and making awesome events.. good luck!!!! This server is for you!!!

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AMDWoW 335a Funrealm PvE/PvP

[80 Level Cap 335a][Custom flag battle script/ Citybattle][5000 attritubes][5000+ Custom Items][Amazing Custom and scripted Instances][Custom Quests][Working BG and Arena][Balanced Classes]

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MU - Order by addicted2

Season 3 Costum, LowXP, Drop 60%, GameGuard ON, no BUGS, 2 NEW Jewels,Lvl 4 Wings, Client side clicker press F10, Costum Items, Costum ancients, Costum NPCs, 2 Quest NPCs, Costum Events, Grand reset, NO agility bugs, Costum commands, webshop, cash shop

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Chicco's 4.3.4 Blizzlike WoW Server

Chicco's 4.3.4 Blizzlike WoW Server. Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch. Wir sind eine ganz neue Community und brauchen euch als unsere Spieler. Die Server werden in der Schweiz gehostet.

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AllodsNE -

Allodsne - AllodsOnline 4.0.2 Server - Daiily free 100 Kri - A lot of free items and bonus - Instatn lvl 55 - No need to word mystery - All Free -

Category: Games › Allods Online

Good server for you and your friend!

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LatinMu S6 EP1 Exp 9999999 Fast

LatinMu S6 EP1 Exp: 99999999x Drop:88% Blessing: ON Kundun +1+2+3+4 en shops, Eventos TODOS ACTIVOS, Items exc en shop +Semi Full, Leveleo Facil, Conseguir items a travez de creditos. Entre otras cosas mas... Que estas esperando para unirte a LatinMu. NO BORRA STATS, PUNTOS ACUMULATIVOS, 15 PUNTOS POR LEVEL.

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Xela Ragnarok Online

Easy Quest Item MvP Card Seller A to Z Card Seller Automated Events Emperium Breaker Test Full Skillall NPC RMS Headgears can be buy in NPC Healer with auto repair Instant Job Changer (No need to levelup) Kiel based 255/120 Rate 255 Max Stats 196 ASPD 150 NO Cast Adv DDOS Protected Powered by Harmony

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Shaiya Queens Full PVP

Custom Interface 100% Free Server, all can be Drop in Game No Donation needed! Lapis lv 8 and special among others x80 Kill, on Weekend x100 Weekly Events/Naked PVP Active Staff Lapisia, Enchants, Operators Exclusive, Lapis, Armor, Weapons, Skins and Accessories Free in Item Mall and more!

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Special Perfect Wolrd

Version 1.4.5 EXP: x1500 SP: x1500 Coin: x1500 Drop: x1500 Friendly GMs no Donations mostly cash shop works with voting and gives lot cubi join the fun pvp server!

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Eternal Conquer Invasion Of Pirates

[Patch 5644][Capture The Flag][Pirate and all classes work perfect][Lv140 Max][Pure Skills][New Lvl 121-140 Gears][Arena Qualifier][Soul-system][Drop cps][Nobility Rank][Guild War][Class Pk, Super War,Monthly Pk War][Elite Pk war][Flower System][Sub Class][Clan][Guild Arsenal][Couples PK]- Join Now

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MuFreakz Server 24/7 Fresh data base refresh

MU Freakz Season 8 Episode 3 MEDIUM Rates [MIGRATION TO MU FREAKZ][XP: 100x][Drop: 50%][Max stats: 65000][Reset Level 400][Grand Reset: 100 Resets][MU Helper: Working!][Events: Full Working!][Rage Fighter: Full Working!][Friendly GMs][Uptime 24/7] Server 24/7, Join us for more rewards!

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