Storm Mu Season 6 Ep.3

Storm Mu 24/7 super stable | 300x EXP, 65% DROP, PPL 100, | MAX LVL 400 | Guild create 300 lvl | Active GMs | Balanced PVP/Classes | Special Event Every Saturday| No Lag | 5 LVL Wings | Join now in our growing comunity

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X- Treme Aion Online PvP

Exp10000x , Skill10000x , Craft10000x , Free Premium , Reset 10rr MAX , TG , ALL Costumes , NEW Items , NEW Skills , NEW Map's , NEW Staffs , Fully SIGMetal Work , Lycanus , +15 Visual Weap , NO Lag, NO Bugs , No Hackers - Custom Anticheat , 24/7 Uptime, Join Us N0W!

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HELBREATH ARGENTINA V5 - Reapertura 03/01/2015

Free MMORPG | Lvl 200/200 | Exp HIGH | Drop MEDIUM | Ek x 10/20/40/50/100 | Nuevas Barras | Nuevo Panel | Nuevos Eventos | Nuevos NPC | Nuevos Mapas | Crafting | Manufacture | Alchemy | Nuevos Logros | Nuevas Multi Quest | Nuevo Setting | Host Dedicado | conexion 10gb 24/7 | EXTREME PVP SERVER

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Oldlegend Online

Oldlegend was founded in 2015 and had lot of good and hard times making one of the top servers . Now you might ask yourself "why should i join ?" , you should join because we learned a lot from our mistakes ( buggy sistem , unstable ,laggy ) but now we created a server with no bugs $ lag for you to have fun playing .

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Tales of pirates Leagend Sea private server

The server is 7x solo exp 8x party exp 25 drop 2000 pet grow

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League-of-Shaiya it is a free server made for players that dont want to farm months to get readdy for pvp. Join us and in few hours will be readdy to kill everything that moves in game.

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Lord of the Rings Online

Exp10000x , Skill10000x , Craft10000x , Free Premium , Reset 10rr MAX , TG , ALL Costumes , NEW Items , NEW Skills , NEW Map's , NEW Staffs , Fully SIGMetal Work , Lycanus , +15 Visual Weap , NO Lag, NO Bugs , No Hackers - Custom Anticheat , 24/7 Uptime, Join Us N0W!

Category: Games › MMORPG,MMO,MMOG 3.3.5 Private Server

(New Private Serve ) Highest uptime. RDF, Arena, Wintergrasp and Raids all 100% working. Features:[Monthly Top Player Rewards] [Give Point With Playing] [Recruit A Friend] [Achievement / Kill / Online Rewards][New Mounts] Server Rates : experience x7 |Skills x3| Rep x3|gold x1

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We added the updated clients to the website so now you can download them and play without any problems. If you had problems installing or playing then re download the client and try again. Thank you Morke.

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Have you always wished to relive the hundred years war, does hunting witches sound like fun or are you strong enough to pull excalibur from its stone? Join us now and fight alongside King Arthur, challenge knights by taking part in exciting games and prove your bravery.

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[v5733][1600CPS Drop][JiangHu System][System SkillSoul][TeamPK][SkillTeamPK][System House][Full System Flower][Lv140 Max][ChiSystem][Guild Arsenal][CouplesPK][Sub Class][No Lag][TreasureBox][ElitePK][Class Pk, ,Monthly PkWar][Guild War][capture the flag][Cross Server][champion arena] Join US NOW

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ConQuerX Classic Server

[Classic Server][Max +9][Max level 135][Mall][No OP Donations][Classic Interface][No Battlepower][No Talismans][No New Classes][No Ranks][Normal-High rates][Start Fresh][1 year old]

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Revolution Server

RF Online is a sci-fi, fantasy, and action MMORPG that takes place on the planet of Novus. The game focuses on the never-ending conflict between the three races as well as their resistance against ARCANE. RF Online focuses on both fantasy and mechanics. Not only is the game filled with typical Middle Age fantasy fighting such as spells, swords,

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MuFreakz Server 24/7 Fresh data base refresh

MU Freakz Season 8 Episode 3 MEDIUM Rates [MIGRATION TO MU FREAKZ][XP: 100x][Drop: 50%][Max stats: 65000][Reset Level 400][Grand Reset: 100 Resets][MU Helper: Working!][Events: Full Working!][Rage Fighter: Full Working!][Friendly GMs][Uptime 24/7] Server 24/7, Join us for more rewards!

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Games Face un lugar para Olvidarte del Mundo

Server Privado de WoW, pasa y disfruta, cuantos mas amigos invites mas premios para ti, ponte en contacto con nosotros para recibir, monturas, oro y premios unicos, solo por invitar a tus amigos, no te olvides de votar todos los dias, asi reciviras puntos para cambiar en la web

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come join if u got what it takes

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Welcome To Ages of Shaiya We got 15/30/60/70 PvP. Free Gear in Item Mall!. Instant 70/60/30/15. Very Active Staff!! 22Hr A Day. 99% Uptime. Balanced PvP. We Are Ages Of Shaiya

Category: Games › Shaiya

Onylith-wow 3.3.5

Instant level 55 max level 85 Custom content Vip system Worldchat Upgrade able Gear sets Epic World Chat System Support NPC Teleporter NPC Player Tools NPC Buff NPC Beatmaster NPC Transmogrifier NPC Visual NPC Character Change NPC

Category: Games › World of Warcraft


Savana Counter Strike Community Our servers : [24/] - CSDM [Free30LVL] - SuperHero Mod vote for our servers and join our clan . Thank you ! :)

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Shaiya Spirit Ep 4.5

Free Episode 4,5 based server ALL items and SP attainable without donations - new custom 1-15 Dungeon - reworked experience rates for smooth grinding - kill rate x2

Category: Games › Shaiya


Destroyed-WoW #1 private server.3.3.5a and 4.3.4[ts3,bounty hunter,guildmaster,fun,great staff.Join Now

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Shaiya Misterio

Welcome, New shaiya server , fully prepared to your enjoyment , PVP full , ongoing events, Episode 6 , lvl 70 ,new map.100 % asset managers , intermediate events each week .

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Shaiya Go!

100x exp rate. Level UP with Gifts! Free items in Item Mall Bosses spawn every hour on original and custom locations. Unique world random drop and much more.

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Welcome to your free 4 all WOW 3.3.5a WOTLK Server ! All Rates are 1 (BlizzLike) We are new and need some players so come join us its free and the server has enough power :D

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Best Shaiya PVP server most free items nice admins good players fast lvl up JOIN AND PLAY NOW!

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[TitanCo] Big Challenge World epic Wars

[TitanCo][2000Cps With Auto][Full CLass][Lv145 +12 Max][Mutch Epic Wars No One See it In Any Other Faxed Skills][Arena and Team And Champion Qualifier][Its Wolrd Of War ][Elite,skill,TeamPkTQ][No Lag][TreasureBox][TQ Feature][an Usa Host]ChiSystem TQ QuizShow[Can Get Gp vip Cps frome Playing]

Category: Games › Conquer Online

Noones WoW - Level 150 Funserver

Noones WoW - Level 150 Custom Funserver. - Custom Zones, Areas, Item, Quests etc. Full Custom Funserver - Daily Events - World Bosses - Over 2000 Custom Items

Category: Games › Aion Online

Mind-WoW Fun Server

We are the best world of warcraft fun server!!! Just join us and be happy!!! We work 24/7... We have so good gm/admin staff.they all times help players and making awesome events.. good luck!!!! This server is for you!!!

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Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5 Blizzlike. Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5 Blizzlike. Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5 Blizzlike. Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5 Blizzlike.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Shaiya Recovery

Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen bei Shaiya Recovery ;) Wir spielen Episode 4.0 ! Max.LvL 60 EP-Boost:50x (Wochenende 100x) Verzauberungs Rate: Waffen Level max.10 Rüstung Level max.10 Special Karten und Monster von EP 7.0 Intigriert Sowie Limitierte Bonus Quest´s. Bosse und Dungeon Mäuse droppen RP (Recovery-Point´s). Erleichtertes Reisesystem da

Category: Games › Shaiya

Shaiya MasterMind 100% Free PvP Server! Kill Count All Time x100 Max Kill's 200.000 Free Episode 6 server with Episode custom EP6 Max Level: 90

Category: Games › Shaiya

MU - Order by addicted2

Season 3 Costum, LowXP, Drop 60%, GameGuard ON, no BUGS, 2 NEW Jewels,Lvl 4 Wings, Client side clicker press F10, Costum Items, Costum ancients, Costum NPCs, 2 Quest NPCs, Costum Events, Grand reset, NO agility bugs, Costum commands, webshop, cash shop

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Customized Maps, Episode Six Weapons, Episode Six Sets, Episode Six Monsters, Episode Six Mounts, Customized Skills, Personal Sets For Players, Balanced PvP All Around, No Nostrums, No Enchants. Many Events, A Place Everyone Will Wanna Be, Great Staff, Instant Level, 15, 30, 75, 80 Instant Leveling, flying mounts JOIN US

Category: Games › Shaiya

Azgard WoW Server Latino

Azgard WoW Server latino,versión 3.3.5a staff dedicado a la gestión del server y atención a jugadores . Estabilidad y funcionamiento al 100%.-Eventos,BGS Crossfaction-Transfiguraciónes-Instancias-Arenas 1c1-Mall para profesiones.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft


Project Nemesis! 3.3.5 FFAPVP Zombie Server in Phase 1! Custom Weapons, Armor, NPC's BOSSES, and Storyline. New Content is being released periodically.

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Panda Of Flame Suomi

Tämä On Suomen kielinen mist of pandaria serveri patch 5.1.0 6x kertaa xpeetä ja 7x Tehtävistä ja 10X kartan avaamisesta ja meillä on myös pelaajille alue jossaon tavaran myyjiä 80-90 levelisille ja paikka on pandaria alue

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Epic-Gaming x25 Blizzlike

Epic-gaming 3.3.5 is a unique blizzlike server with x25 rates! U start with full heirloom All raids and instances works! ICC is scripted to 11/12 ( not gunship )All spells and quests works 97%!. There is teleports to all places. This server is on 100 MBPS internet. The server is 24/7 and there is no lag at all!

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

GlobalMu Online

Server Version: 97d Beta Server Experiance: 50x Server Drop Rate: 60% Monsers HP: 60% Votes Reward:On Webshop System: On Chaos Machine Succes 70% Clear Skills: No Clear Stats: No Stadium lvl: 50 Point Level: 5/7 Reset Level: 400

Category: Games › Mu Online

Clash of Azeroth

Blizzlike 8x rates, no custom content, Replicate Blizzard on Patch 3.3.5a, ICC normal+heroic working, All arenas and seasons enabled, No wipes/rollbacks, massive uptime, Fully Scripted, Lag Free, Dedicated, Complete Character Customization, Vote point rewards, Active GMs, Professional developed.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Classic World Of Warcraft 1.12.1

NEW DEDICATED SERVER HOST !! MCore Server Info And More !! 24/7 - 100% UPTIME - 100% NO LAG !! - World Of Warcraft Patch 1.12.1 - Server Localitation: Madrid Spain. - Server HOST: professional hosting. - Server Rates | All Server rates are blizzlike 100% |

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Cursed Soldiers Shaiya

NEW SERVER, custom gears great staff free Item Mall, Custom Lapis Ggreat pvp events nearly everyday, come join our family for a great experience

Category: Games › Shaiya

Shaiya Rise Online EP 4.5 Özel sunucu

Shaiya Rise Online EP 4.5 Özel sunucu, anında lvl 15/30/70, Kill x4, kesme yok, statik yok, hızlı pvp için 70 ücretsiz malzeme (patron öncesi), Free Lapis, Debuff lapis mevcut (Seraphim) , Rekreasyon kolaylaştırmak için orijinal bir senaryo, Aktif personel bize katılın!

Category: Games › Shaiya

Sunrise PandaCore Realms


Category: Games › World of Warcraft

German 3.3.5 Blizzlike WoW Privat Server

Sei dabei! Spiel mit uns auf unseren 4 Realms. Wir spielen ausschliesslich Blizzlike auf 3 Realms verteilt. 1 Realm ist reines Rollenspiel. Wir wünschen euch viel Spass :) Nutzung bleibt kostenlos und wird durch Werbung finanziert.

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00

EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug

Category: Games › Knight Online

Increible-Custom Server Inst80 PVP

Incredible-Custom Server Inst80, Shop en Tanaris ambas fracciones Zona Neutral Anti-PVP, Promocion de Item de Eventos Regalando en Shop, BG ACTIVOS. Y MAS!

Category: Games › World of Warcraft

Shaiya Tundra - The new old-school ep4 server

We are an ep4 server who is taking it back old-school and breaking the current mold of Shaiya servers. We have a high focus on the players with great ties of communications between staff and regular players. It is our mission to make sure that this server is a server for everyone that everyone can play and enjoy! Come check us out today!

Category: Games › Shaiya

MagniFic-Co Classic

Eu Hosted Server, Version 5375, Old Interface, Old Jump, Voting/Online Points, Max Level 130, Max Plus +9, Max Reborn 1rb, Bal EXP Rates, classic Hunting Rates, Leveling Server, Lots of Events to choose from, Awesome Design Give Us Try

Category: Games › Conquer Online

Killerz Drift Rocks

Rocking! Shocking Man It rocks!!! This Server Is Awesome Ip is this is for 0.3x and for 0.3e is Hope You Like It And I Have A Forum Too. I love my server hope you like it toooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Category: Games › Grand Theft Auto

L2MANIA.COM Interlude MID rates server

XP - 75x SP - 75x Aden - 45x Drop - 20xX Spoil - 20x Quest Reward - 3x (Not All) Quest Drop - 10x (Not All) Raidboss Drop - 7x Rate Party XP - 1.3x Zero our Reward - 2x

Category: Games › Lineage 2