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What is War of the Immortals?
War of the Immortals is a top-down MMORPG by Perfect World, also known for Rusty Hearts, or Forsaken World. You embody one of many different classes in an epic, legend-themed universe as you fight various mythical beasts ranging from fire dragons to valkyries. Fight your way alongside your friends through a storyline that will take you through Atlantis, Valhalla and further in your quest to preserve existence as you know it.

WOI-Wars: New War of the immortals server

*[New Last Crusade server]*[No Lags]*[International server]*[Server Rates: to be decided by players]*[Free ZEN]*[Cheap and balanced cash shop]*[Soloable instances]*[Free Cash Shop items every week]*[High online]Start 19 July, 2014

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WOI Mystical - XP/Drops x100 LC Faith

New War Of The Immortals Server Legendary Crusade Patch With Faith EXP DROP 100x 2500 Zen Every Hour Friendly staff WELCOME FROM WHOLE STAFF! NO LAG! SERVER LOCATION: FRANCE

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War Of The Immortals - Reloaded

Best server out there ! 9999x and 500x real rates, fully functional, official server files, friendly Game Masters, 24/7 support and lot more ! Join Us Now !

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WOI Devastation

Legendary Crusade ~ Faith System! x150 DROP - PROGRESSIVE EXP-LEVEL (x100 EXP after level 100) >>> FREE ZEN MARKET >>> Boosted Instances >>> Edited NPCs >>> NO PNoble Exploit >>> Growing community. Dedicated Staff. ToS apply. Zero GM influence IG but Constant updates and availability. FORUMS: http://woidevastation.com/forum/

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Woi-Cult News server priver 2015

News server priver Woi Cult 2015 fun Latest patch: Cult of the Wyrm Server rates: XP x200 Gold/Drop x200. Zen: 5k every hour News drop lv75 110+

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