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What is Star Wars Galaxies online?
Star Wars Galaxies, called SWG for short, is a 3D Sci-fi themed MMORPG set in the George Lucasí Star Wars universe. The game features many noteworthy characters from the movie and has all the famous landmarks from the films as well. With 10 playable races and 9 professions to choose from Star Wars galaxies has enough variety to keep players engaged.

Star Wars Galaxies:WarFront

Warfront is dedicated to bringing the players a classic and familiar game play while enhancing the original content as well as integration of new and unique encounters. Classic content such as Krayts, Nightsisters, Geo Caves, Corvette, and DWB have retained their classic feel and play through but have been upgraded with new fights, new mechanics.

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Empire at War Brasil

Develop ITS Construction building planetsrnInvestigate technologies NovaernPositions Strengthen YOUR every minuternCivil and combat ships unwrapping high attack power and defense mechanismrnor explore infinite universernEarn Es resources enable game is not sornExpand your empire, colonizing 10 plane

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World Empire at War It is a space strategy game with hundreds of players. Sign up now and become the emperor of the galaxy. Only need a browser to play. A space strategy game in real time. Play along with hundreds of other players. No downloading, you only need a browser.

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SWGNebula Jedi Euro PreCu High Exp NEW

Euro Server. Experience 8x Increased drop rate. Starport Shuttles every 30 sec. Decreased the amount of citizens it takes to make a city. Call a vehicle 3 secs. 6 missions at once. Increased extraction rate (x5) on harvesters. Interplanetary travel enabled. Jedi enabled standard village unlock.

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