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What is Silkroad online?
Silkroad Online is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with a unique and innovative PvP/Profession System. While newcomers to the genre will find the lacking tutorial and limited gameplay features difficult to grasp, veterans may find Silkroad Online to be a very rewarding experience with its unique skill advancement and class system.

Silkroad Online WansSro Exp: 91x (170x iSro System) Sp: 91x (170x iSro System) Drop: 91x (170x iSro System) FTW: Yes... Exp: 91x (170x iSro System) Sp: 91x (170x iSro System) Drop: 91x (170x iSro System) FTW: Yes...

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GenerationX Online

Classic Server lvl 110 | Exp:40x | Party exp: 50x | Drop: 40x | Gold 5x | Jangan and Hotan Fortress active | Best equipment EGY B (Coins only) best weapon EGY B (dropped only from Seirennes in FGW) CTF working |Magic Pop working|Alchemy very hard|Max plus is 10 (with advanced+2)|Trading active.More informations on our website

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[General Summary] Cap => 130 Race => Chinese & Europe Exp/SP => 250x Party EXP/SP => 300x Alchemy => Custom Unlimited Plus +1 ~ +9 => 100% +12 => 60% +14 => 55% +16 => 50% +18 and above => 40% Drop Rate => 30x Mastery Level EU=> 260 Mastery Level CH=> 540

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Unixsro Online [Cap 100 DG 10]

We preferred Old school game, ,This Game Cap 100 DG 10 ,Because all of you need trust server without bugs and lags. indeed we support a new game system ,We will serve you 247 so feel free to contact our admins any time ,And there you will meet a new game Events and Special Rewards

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SilkNation - Private Server

Free Silk, New Items, New Skills, New Mobs, New Maps, New Uniques, Medium Rates, Bot Allowed, Multi Client, Cap 140, 15 Degree, Vote4Silk, Silk/H, Unique4Silk, Job Activity, Instant Support, Great Community, Invite Your Friends, Become The Best.

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