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What is PristonTale online?
Priston Tale is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG and is one of the oldest and most successful MMORPGs out there that truly survived the test of time. The game was originally released in Korea in 2001 and has since won numerous game awards, but does the game still hold its own against today’s more popular and well known MMORPGs? Perhaps.

Perfect World Flames Brasil

server version 1.4.5, better and more perfect world new Brazilian media sp rates in 1000, drop 100 gold, 100 drop, exp 1000, enjoy, just opened, and start playing from

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Ultimate Priston Tale

Priston Ultimate Server 1Gbit 24/7 Start Level 100, Fast Leveling, Many Bosses, Many New Maps, Skills Balanced, Active Staff, Friendly Community, Aging 20, Many New Mixes, Balanced BC, 3 SoD Crowns, Global Chat, Mature Stones, Skill Mature Stones, 4 Phoenix Pets Join Us

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