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What is The Legend of Mir 3 online?
The Legend of Mir 3 is a 2D, fantasy MMORPG that is the direct sequel of the Asian hit Mir 2. With upgraded graphics, larger maps, and much more content to explore, Mir 3 offers a compelling reason for fans of the series to switch over. The isometric camera angle and PvP-oriented gameplay give Mir 3 an action-RPG feel.

Legend of Mir Domination

Fast leveling , No bugs , Lag free , 25/7 online dedicated server , latest server files .

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M2H - The Golden Age [ Heroes ] Legend of Mir 2

M2H - The Golden Age Mir 2: \`The Legend Continues\` is the free-to-play, re-released version of the classic The Legend of Mir 2. M2H - The Golden Age is a 2D fantasy MMORPGNow with all NEW Upgraded graphicsAnd an isometric camera view that is Now ZOOMED OUT!!! For that New Game Feel.

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fifix Legend of Mir

Exp:x25o / Drop:x90 The most complete Private server. Daily Events amp Updates, 1000+ players.Instance system fully working. High rates, unique features, ingame rewards system. And so much more.

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Mir2Izar 2.3

Experience Rate is x10 from EuroMir. - 2.3 Spells (TDB, FlameFiels, Rage, Mirroring, CrossHalfMoon, HolyDeva etc.) - New Maps and Mobs. * FoxCaves with FoxMobs & Boss they use magics

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Celestial Mir 3

New Mir 3 serve!, loads of new ways to have fun, new shapes for items, a lot of things to do! New mobs, new rebirths (enlightments), tittles, and a lot of other new things!

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