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What is Jade Dynasty online?
Jade Dynasty is a 3D Asian fantasy MMORPG with a martial arts theme. Much of the geography and mythical monsters in Jade Dynasty are based on Chinese legend which gives the game a unique feel. All players start as initiates but must chose between five factions, each with its own fighting style.

JadeDynasty - Zanug

Exp 999x, Free JADEON, New Weapons, Mounts,last PATCH . Instant lvl, Newbie pack. Quest items in shop. Honor, Coin,Celebean, Mounts, Pets, Esper all in Cashop. Join Us Now !

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In-Game Jade Dynasty

Official like private server with low rates. XP/Drop: 15x, SP: 10x. Get Jadens for the time spent online and by voting. Mature staff, Helpdesk System for fast resolution of problems.

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Jade Dynasty - Revolution

Free starter pack ! Incredible 9999x rates and lot more, donations and vote events every week, dedicated server, fully functional client and more. Join Us Now !

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