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What is Guild Wars online?
Guild Wars takes the best elements of today's massively multiplayer online games and combines them with a new mission-based design that eliminates some of the more tedious aspects of those games. You can meet new friends in towns or outposts, form a party, and then go tackle a quest together. Your party always has its own unique copy of the quest map, so camping, kill-stealing, and long lines to complete quests are all things of the past. Within a Guild Wars quest you have unprecedented freedom and power to manipulate the world around you; with the dynamic quest system, your accomplishments have a unique influence on your future.

Guild Wars - Rice for honor

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Guildwars- Price of Honor

We are a rapidly growing community of players and are currently looking to expand ourselves. We already have latest files, guildhall, 500+ players already. Join today

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Emperor of Fleet

NEW GAME WILL START !!!!!!Our game will start on sunday 9.12.2012 on 10 o'clock. It's an absolutly new universe without big advantages you can get with money!! Try to be the best one

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Chaos GuildWars

Chaos GuildWars is a free to play private MMORPG game ### :Exp 50x Drop 30x Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated ### - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms

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Guild Wars 2 - A New Era

Newest Guild Wars 2 private server, professional team, online 24/7, 2 servers - lag free, EXP rate 25x, High enchantment rates, looking for admins, join the community today

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Gwild Wars - Shadow Of Rebelion

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Guild Wars - Living World

NEW UPDATE, 9999x Rates, DDoS Protected, 99% Uptime, Fun and DEDICATED staff team, Vote for Cash, Real CASH prizes, Daily events, Big player base, 3 years + online! Join Us Now!

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