Author Topic: TERA Adding New PvE Server Tomorrow  (Read 1823 times)

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June 09, 2015, 09:43:34 am

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You generally catch wind of server mergers in the realm of allowed to play MMORPGs. What you don't frequently find out about is an amusement including servers after its been out for a long while. Because of the substance upgrades and the arrival of the amusement on Steam, En Masse Entertainment is needing to do only that for thier MMORPG, TERA.

Tomorrow, June 9th, another PvE server called Highwatch will go live after the regularly booked Server upkeep. New characters can be made on Highwatch and existing characters will have the capacity to exchange free of charge for a brief time of time in the event that you need to hop onto the new PvE server. Exchanges to Tempest Reach, Ascension Valley, and Celestial Hills are briefly suspended, however.

In case you're considering making the exchange, you'll need to do it by June 16th as the ordinary exchange expenses will do a reversal into impact then. During the current week of free exchanges, the level prerequisite for exchanging will be brought down to level 15.

Indeed, even in the wake of expanding server populace tops by 120%, PvE servers are as yet encountering line times amid top playing hours so Highwatch ought to help alleviate those sit tight times for every one of you attempting to move another Gunner class.

PvP players aren't getting any new server love right now since creation on PvP servers is still high, however dispersion of players among these servers is streaming pleasantly.

Look at TERA's site on the off chance that you have to get your exchange prepared to go!