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January 06, 2012, 07:10:22 am

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Here we are.

Lineage 2 LITA is a highly reworked private server running on Interlude Official platform.

Forget the Lineage you're used to, we have completely reworked the game from the bottom up, implementing our own systems and ideas while retaining the ones that were already great.

A thrilling new adventure that makes you feel like you're in a whole new world.

You'll see that the game has gained a whole new meaning and has much more sense.

It's free to play and we would love everyone to check it out and try it!

Game changes - we're taking control and making the balance.

Here is a PvP film to better demonstrate our idea:

Max level: 20. Twenty levels gives us more control over the characters and less grinding for you.
Base stats: Reseted the CON/INT/STR/DEX/WIT/MEN values and modified stats from 1-20.
Character model size increased - easier, faster, improved targeting!
On screen damage display.
Client-side changes.
No need for buffs anymore. We have reworked the character stats and modified them to immediately change how Lineage is being played.
This means characters have naturally normal speed and other stats. They are in control!
Skill system and Class system totally reworked.
Skills have been made to allow users to take greater control of their fate. Skills that take timing and skill to maximize your effectiveness. There are skills which counter other skills or deflect other spells. Negative effects have a normal duration of 1-2 secs, increasing the strategic use of skills.
Classes have been remade and now use 6 character specific skills.
This allows for great variety between the classes and an opportunity to make new, custom ones..
Races still have their bonuses accordingly just that the STR/DEX/INT... system starts from 0 up.
Armor and weapon system rework.
You're able to customize your class however you want. With armor parts that independently increase your stats(likes gloves which increase attack speed...) to weapons with many different effects.
Elven Village is the place to start your LitaL2 adventure, regardless of the race. You'll have to step together and defend your town from evil attacks(teaser video = event hint ).
Proffession system - A totally new system of ours which lets you choose one proffession per character. These proffessions range from enchanting, mining to weaponsmithing and conjuring.
Ruthless PvP system - the players compete with eachother to prove who's the best of his class. This includes the PvP points obtained in official Ruthless battle and points obtained from world PvP. The winners can use Ruthless weapons. Ruthless Pvpers have access to Ruthless PvP shop which exchanges PvP rewards of all kinds for Ruthless PvP points.
Custom quests. Hunting mobs...doing chores....or becoming a hero.
Being a Ruthless champion isn't enough. Every player has the capability of becoming a hero through a one-time quest. But to become a hero you have to be a hero inside.
Automated PvP tournaments
Different tournaments with different entry fees and rewards.
Castle Sieges - the cornerstone of Lineage. Great emphasis is given on this feature.
Custom event which takes place in Wastelands

A more comprehensive change-log will be posted in the future.





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