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Title: {Trinity}Serenity Core!
Post by: FRT on January 23, 2011, 08:46:23 am
Serenity Core proudly present's Serenity Core v5!

This is the 1 realm version of the repack! Blizzlike edition! Version 5.5 with 4 realm's will come soon!

Vmap support for all realms!
Only DBC's are will have to download from the internet the Map's and Vmap's or extract them!

What does v5 come with?

-I think the most important is the first...
-WINTEGRASP BATTLE! it's fully working destructible building's vehicle's and queque
-AC1(the best anticheat system ever that kill/ban/kick the hacker...check the worldserver.conf)
-As I promised I will place Icecrown Citadel fully scripted(except Gunship part) v5 Icecrown Citadel is fully scripted Lich King too!
-Auction House Bot+Glyph's part!
-Player/NPC Bot's!
-And more fixes ofc

I hope you will like this version of the repack like the other's...and as I sayd don't be sad because it's only one realm version I will release v 5.5 soon and it will include 4 realm's like previous version's

Thank you!

Download link for v5

Download link for v4

TrinityCore for the best emulator ever !
TrinityCore RU team !
TrinityCore Patche's
Serenity Core !
lordutz for compiling the repack !