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Title: How To Get Better at Call of Duty: Black Ops (Tips & Advice for Winning)
Post by: FRT on January 15, 2011, 05:17:00 pm
How To Get Better at Call of Duty: Black Ops (Tips & Advice for Winning)

Destroy Black Ops Noobs

First of all, these tips are great for any consoles that run Black Ops.  Whether it be your Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360 or your PC.

Step 1 Internet Connection

Before you put the game in to your console, make sure that your internet connection is  consistent.  I say consistent because you can have great internet speeds or you can have horrible internet speeds, and for both, the online experience for this game in particular can be frustrating. To reduce the amount of lag that you receive it's best to have the lowest amount of ping or latency.  A great website to check this data is (  This website will let you know what your ping is and it will also let you know you know if you have any packet loss.  After it gets done testing your connection, it will then give you a letter grade based on performance.

Step 2 Know the Maps

I can't stress to you how important it is to know all your surroundings when competing online.  This is the largest detriment to what makes you a great player.  The best way to become familiar with every map is to honestly just play them.  Figure out which surroundings are the best for cover, where the enemies are likely to spawn, and where the most action is for each map. Also when running and gunning, don't jog around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Stay on the outside of the maps and look in towards the center.  This will give constant coverage from the border side of the map.
Step 3 Choosing and Using the Guns

Most COD franchise gamers would agree that Black Ops has the most balanced selection of guns to choose from.  While some like the balance, others wish it was more like Modern Warfare 2 because of the more unique gun strengths.  In Black Ops, it takes more skill to kill the enemy.

No more spraying and praying with stopping power.  You have to aim more precisely and use burst shots from long distance.  Holding down the fire button instead of using the burst method will cause your weapon to kick and throw off your aim.

Choose a gun that fits your play style.  For example: If you're using the lightweight and marathon perks, you're probably going to be using an SMG, not a Sniper Rifle.  All of the different gun types work well with certain perks.  It is up to you to find the certain setups that work best for you in certain maps and situations.  Mix it up, there is no "one gun" that is the best for every scenario.  Pick a gun that you're comfortable to use for the types of gunfights you take part in.

Adding different attachments to your guns can greatly determine whether you live or die.  Become comfortable with the iron sights for your gun.  This will allow you to use the attachment on something else that will surely benefit you.

Step 4 Kill Streaks

Enable kill streaks that you are comfortable achieving on a regular basis.  Don't select the gunship if you know you can't get 11 kills in a row.  Remember that the kill streaks in Black Ops don't piggy back themselves to help you reach a higher more desirable one.

Most people take the spy plane for granted.  For only three kills this will allow you to see enemies on the radar which is a HUGE advantage.  Always have this equipped as one of your kill streaks so that not only you, but also your team, can reap the benefits.

    * AK74U with the rapid fire attachment is awesome.  Some may say that it's overpowered.
    * Get the Pro Versions of the perks you like.  This will help a lot.
    * Sleight of Hand Pro is one of the best perks.
    * Play in teams with people you know and can communicate with.  Easier than going solo.
    * Never run around corners or into unknown entrances.
    * Be ready for the unexpected.  Anything can happen.
    * Chucking grenades helps at the beginning of matches.  Could result in multiple kills.
    * Crouching increases accuracy for all guns.  Laying down increases it even more.
    * Use cameras, claymores, motion detectors, and other equipment wisely.
    * Always make sure you have a full clip of ammo before attacking the enemy.
    * Check the lobby leader board to see what competition you're up against.  If their k/d ratios are high, leave and find a new, more comfortable selection of players.
    * If in a situation to run up and knife an enemy, shoot him instead.  This will save your life.
    * If you run out of ammo fast, switch your secondary weapon with an enemies primary before you get low.
    * You can now watch your videos to learn from your mistakes or you can watch other people's and learn their secrets.
    * Have Fun!!!