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Title: How to earn Equal Skill & Power in Soul Calibur IV
Post by: Minuialwen on November 05, 2010, 06:23:49 pm
In this video, Geoff shows us how to earn equal skill and power in Soul Calibur IV. To do this, you must use all skill points to set up four skill. Use Mitsurugi and modify his gear to get the right skill points. First, add the pirate hat, round glasses, executioner's spaulder, loin cloth, and caretaker's breastplate. Add the Guardian's gauntlets and the Guardian's britches as well. For your weapon you will use the default weapon which is the shishi-oh. Once you have this enabled and saved, then you will be able to earn the skill level and achievement, enjoy!

Soul Calibur IV: Equal Skill and Power Achievement Guide