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Title: Namco Bandai lay off 90 staff amid US restructuring says report
Post by: FRT on November 03, 2010, 10:11:21 am

As Namco Bandai embrace more digital development and releases, they've reportedly made redundant 90 employees as they restructure in the US.

Two mobile and online games businesses have been combined into one division. They've also scaled back their San Jose, CA-based team considerably.

"We are partnering with external development studios out there because that is where the game business is going,” said Namco's Carlson Choi. “Our goal is to move into digital games and broaden to different platforms. The details are being sorted out now.”

Most of the game development handled at San Jose in California has now moved back to Japan. Namco Bandai wants to increase their social game market presence as they feel that's where a lot of the money is at these days.