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Title: [Release] 3.3.5 Build 12340 Blizzlike Repack - ArcEmu
Post by: FRT on October 25, 2010, 03:57:40 pm

Welcome to Corruption Creations. This is my little project name and services which i will post very soon. Here at CC, We try to provide everyone with a great Blizzlike Repack.

Basic Repack Information :
- ArcEmu Revision 3603
- Version 3.3.5a Build 12340
- NO Custom content at all
- 100% Blizzlike Database provided by DPDB
- DPDB Database Revision 42

If you have the issue with a missing file, then you need to download and install 2 programs for it to work properly. You will need Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 or higher, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010.

If you would like to update your database at any time, you can download the updated database from DPDB from their svn.

DPDB SVN Address : DPDB - Revision 57: / (


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Me for compiling and putting together the repack.
DPDB for the Database files.
ArcEmu for the Core.

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