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October 13, 2010, 04:06:00 pm

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Are you seriously tired and just can't understand that cheat engine tutorial? Well listen up and you can learn the basics.

Step 1

Download Cheat Engine 5.6 or higher.

Step 2

Open cheat engine and wait.

Step 3 

For this example, we will use a game called MechQuest. Open your internet browser and go to

Step 4

Create an account on MechQuest if you haven't already.

Step 5 

Log-in and find your current health (the number is next to the red bar)

Step 6 

Know that if you just started it should be at 100.

Step 7 

Go to Cheat Engine which will now be referred to as C.E. and click on the little blinking computer in the top left corner. 

    * A new box will come up. In the new box you want to click on WINDOWS LIST and then scroll down the many lines of programs until you find mech quest
    * Once you find MechQuest select it and press OK.

Step 8 

Multiply your current health by 8 using your mind, paper or your calculator which can be found in accessories. 

    * In the value box ( the box that says value above it) type in your product and click first scan.
    * Go into a fight and get hit once and multiply your new hp by 8 and type in the new product and click next scan.
    * There should be only one value in the box to the left, double click it and it will move to the bottom box.

Step 9 

Next to the value in the bottom box there is a white check box that says freeze-click it.

Step 10

Double click the numbers to the right of it and change the value to 1,000 and you will have 1,000HP and it will regenerate.

Step 11

PS This tut is incomplete because this guide is just for internet flash game.

Step 12 

No it wont work on mmorpg games because they have anti hack systems and if you can use it all it will do is change the numbers on your screen.

Step 13

Cheat engine hacks only works client sided. If you want to hack the amount of money or the level you are cheat engine isn't what you need. One thing to know server sided hacks are illegal.

Step 14 

Before you play a game you have this contract that will tell you that third party hacks are illegal. You can be sued for changing data like the amount of money you have. Get ready to be banned if you are using Cheat engine to hack mmorpg games. But get ready to be arrested or sued if you are using server sided hacks.

Step 15

You can say this is a newbie guide.

Step 16 


    * Never choose more than one value from the left box as it may close down your Internet.
    * Don't use art money, as it only changes what the game LOOKS like. It doesn't change the actual values.

Things You'll Need

    * Cheat Engine 5.6.1 or higher - Download Cheat Engine 5.6.1
    * Calculator (Optional)