Author Topic: How to complete the main story quest 'Shepherding Wolves' in Dragon Age 2  (Read 1874 times)

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April 30, 2011, 07:11:39 pm

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How to complete the main story quest 'Shepherding Wolves' in Dragon Age 2

'Shepherding Wolves' is an Act 1 main story quest that evokes everyone's least favorite type of video game mission, the escort mission. It's still bloody fun though, and this pair of videos will walk you through the entire thing. Check out the tips below for supplemental aide.

 1.) When entering the Undercity Warrens, travel up the first steps quickly. There is a trap that releases poison gas that activates as the player steps on the first stair.
 2.) The spiders are weak to electric spells, be sure to exploit that
 3.) The undercity thugs are killed by your Qunari companion, don't waste any limited resources on them.
 4.) The Qunari are very weak to cold spells, be sure to exploit that.
 5.) Be prepared to heal your allies in the battle with the Qunari, they can quickly overwhelm you loose a companion.
 6.) if you talk to Arishok after completing this quest you will gain additional respect from him.

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough- PT. 16 Act 1 Main Quest "Shepherding Wolves" (1/2)

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