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November 19, 2010, 05:47:42 am

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Ok its not MaNGOS but i still think i posted this in the right place because Trinity is a fork of MaNGOS.
For anyone that does not know what TrinityCore is:

It came about due to some development style conflicts with the MaNGOS devs.
The Trinity team feels that revision control should be handled in a different way.
That scripting belongs in to the core and they wanted much better DB interaction.

My compiles

This are compiles i made with Visual C++ 2010 i use to run my own server.
I post and share these compiles here for anyone that want to try trinity or use them to update.

Required: 64-bit OS and MySQL (i use Win7 64-bit and MySQL 5.1.51 full version)
Included: dbc, map, vmap extractor/assembler, SQL files, fresh config files.

Latest: Trinity r10468


    * Trinity r10416
    * Trinity r10410
    * Trinity r10379
    * Trinity r10333

Note: Do you get mysql library version errors?
Replace the included libmysql.dll by the file from your own MySQL installation.

U need a world database? Try TrinityDB
For trinity frontend i recommend: WebWoW or MaNGOSweb Enhanced

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