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    [size="2"]IBP ROLEPLAY - LIVE YOUR DREAM.[/size][/color]

    On IBP Roleplay, we have many unique features available for you to use. Things such as a Credit System when purchasing cars, a custom interior for the Prison and other buildings, custom mappings across San Andreas and many other features. As we have progressed through time, IBP Roleplay is constantley updating and using the new client updates to the best of their abilities, implementing as many of the new, unique features as we can. With the 0.3c update, you're now able to drive-by with all weapons (M4, AK-47, Shotgun, Desert Eagle, MP5 etc.), you can purchase neons to place on your privatly owned vehicles. You can purchase bandana's, helmet's and proper masks from stores. We also are currently functioning with an 'Advent Calender' system for this December. This is integrated in to our User Control Panel which is found on our home page, the advent calender has every date for the month, however, instead of getting chocolate like you do in real life, you can get helmets, cash, bandana's alsorts! Simply click on the date, head ingame and check your inventory. IBP Roleplay also supports an inventory system. In your inventory, you can store many things. Firearms, Narcotics, Clothing and so on. With the updates in 0.3c, we now work on a 'Clip' system for the firearms. You can purchase clips from gun dealers, or you can equip them when you go on LS-PD Duty, then you head in to your inventory (/inventory) and then you select the clip, and you can reload manually by pressing 'ALT' on your keyboard.

    [size="2"]IBP ROLEPLAY - LIVE YOUR DREAM.[/size][/color]

    IBP Roleplay has a variety of different factions for you to choose from if you wish to roleplay in one. We have the following that are active in the LS-PD.

  • Brown Pride Asesinos 13.
  • Los Santos Police Department.
  • Los Santos Emergency Medical Services.
  • The Colombian Cartel.
  • The R-Crew.
  • Glen Park 424.
The factions of IBP Roleplay supply some outstanding roleplay throughout the community, with members across the globe, the factions communicate with everyone and help bind the community together. The factions of IBP roleplay offer players a realistic enviroment to enhance roleplay around.

    [size="5"]THE STAFF TEAM[/size]
    [size="2"]IBP ROLEPLAY - LIVE YOUR DREAM.[/size][/color]

    IBP Roleplay also has a proffesional, courteous and respectfull staff team, consisting of members from across the world, allowing them to be able to communicate with a vast majority of people. The Staff of IBP Roleplay consists of a Support Team, Development Team, Senior Administration, and regular Game Admins. The Support Team is just under the Game Admins. They're there to supply support and aid the players at the times they require it. Whereas the Game Admins are there to supervise the server. They're there to enforce the rules and make sure the community follows the rules efficiently. Alongside this, there's also a Senior Administration Team. The Senior Administration runs the community. What they say goes. They're the ones who call the shots and they're the ones who watch over everyone, even the Developers. The Developers of IBP Roleplay are well experienced and can add in almost everything you could imagine, seriously.

    [size="2"]IBP ROLEPLAY - LIVE YOUR DREAM.[/size][/color]