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January 04, 2011, 08:12:16 pm

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We hope to be the biggest private server on the internet, after personal experience we felt another reliable server was needed for people to play on. There will be everything you have ever known on a private server and more including new modes and gear, even weapons. We put the highest trust and effort into making this server reliable, and giving you the best gaming opportunity. We strive to make a good community and make it fair for all others as it has been an issue in the past. We have had experience by playing private servers in the past, not protecting your private information such as passwords with next to no security. You can trust us to never exploit any information you give in this game.

The server is currently running at 250x EXP. We have also heard reqests of people wanting to rely on pure builds instead of noss, so, we have taken this into consideration and nos will not be widely available with or without AP. If there is any queries you may have, or want to send a ticket use the contact button or the ticket box on the left of the page.

Changes made especially for Shaiya Nemesis :

No Nostrum, except for KO and Sprint Nostrum, which drops in-game Alters drop level 6 lapis (not the elemental sub-alters) excluding the 1-15 and 16-30 alters
1-70 PvP map.
Customized modes
Customized drops
Customized Item mall
Customized client (OS not needed)
Oblivion Insula open 7 days a week, all day.
Guild Ranking Battle starts on Sundays 8PM GMT
All Potions, Lapis, Lapisia and Hammers are now stackable to 255
250x EXP
5x Gold drop rate
Monsters in Guild Ranking Battle no longer give EXP
Custom Soundtracks so be sure to put your sound on!
Customized graphical art
Multi-client Fully working and legal
Fortune Bags to help you through the game as an added extra
No more Assassin/Ranger glitch exploits (even stealth works)
Working Snob Value Boxes
All dungeons (including OI, CT, CS and SC)
Fully working Custom NPC's including a new Potion merchant for pots.

Note : This list will be added to as we are always making new changes, be sure to check back.

And MUCH MUCH more.

We are also the first ever Shaiya Private server to have a decent workaround for the episode 5 skills. All information can be found on our website. www.shaiyanemesis.comEverything you need to know can be found there, including our helpful forums and droplists, maintenance information etc. We hope to see you soon!

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