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December 04, 2010, 09:29:24 am


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    &nbsp;&nbsp;<p align="center" class="ecxstyle1">Lineage 2 Nest is a brand new lineage 2 low rate server that will <br>open it's
    &nbsp;&nbsp;gates on 10th December.</p>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;<p align="center" class="ecxstyle1"><span class="ecxstyle3"><br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The server machine configuration is based on <span class="ecxstyle6">i7 quadcore</span> processor<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;tehnology, has <span class="ecxstyle6">8GB DDR3 RAM</span>, HDD <span class="ecxstyle6">2x 750GB SATA II</span> running in<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<span class="ecxstyle6">RAID1</span>. It's internet connection is <span class="ecxstyle6">100MBit</span> with a bandwith<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;of <span class="ecxstyle8">172GBit</span> and no other limitations. The server itself is<span class="ecxstyle8"> l2j-infinity </span><br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;running
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;on Ubuntu.</span></p>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;<p align="center" class="ecxstyle1"><span class="ecxstyle9">The server rates will be : 3x - 8x (depending on votes, view <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>forum</strong></a>)<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;You get to choose drop/xp/spoil rates, custom features and so on.</span></p>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;<p align="center" class="ecxstyle1"><br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<span class="ecxstyle10">We offer you the opportunity of playing on one of the best <br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;free servers that you will see. No donation rewards, no corruption,<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;no lags and as few as possible bugs. </span></p>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;<p align="center" class="ecxstyle1">The server is running Gracia Final Chronicle. Updates to Freya<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;will be made when there is a suitable, bug-free server pack. </p>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;<p align="center" class="ecxstyle11">Thank you for your interest in this project.<br>
    &nbsp;For more info visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;<p align="center" class="ecxstyle1"><br>
    <p align="center"><img src="" width="470" height="60" alt="lineage 2 nest " longdesc=""></p>[/size]

December 04, 2010, 09:30:16 am
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L2Nest will be a low rate server and the rates will depend on the results of the votes on our forum " ". The opening date will be on the 10th of December. Everyone is welcome.

Here`s some info about our server:

We do not have any Custom Areas or NPCs, No GM shop, No NPC Buffer, No Mana pots.
All buffs have their retail duration.
1st class change is free (NPC).
2nd class change is 1.000.000 Adena (NPC) or full quest;
3rd class change only by quest.

Steel Citadel
-Naia (still needs debugging. Players can't access it till we are sure is retail like)
-Tully (still needs debugging. Players can't access it till we are sure is retail like)

Town of Hellbound
Inner Oasis

Seed Of Destruction
Seed Of Infinity (only Hall Of Suffering)

Solo Kamaloka
Castle Instance
Isle Of Souls
All Quest in PI are Epilogue (recipe S80)
Den Of Evil - Epilogue
Ghosts Of Batur Quest Fix (Epilogue)
Mithril Mines are Epilogue (recipe S80)

We are 2 steps away from having a complete Epilogue Version.
We are missing only:
2 chambers in Seed of Infinity

New Quests:

Seven Sign Secret Ritual Of The Priests
Seven Sign Seal Of The Emperor
Seven Sign The Sacred Book Of Seal
Seven Sign Embryo

For more details visit website and forum!