Author Topic: How to derank someone in Call of Duty Black Ops  (Read 2668 times)

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December 28, 2010, 09:22:33 am

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Do you have a friend, physical, online, or both, who is way too invested in their Call of Duty Black Ops statistics who also happens to be really gullible? This video will teach you how to play a prank on such a person by deranking them, brining their beloved character back to level 1 of their current prestige level. Deeeeeevious.

From the Creator:


Prankster: Invite your friend who you are setting back to lvl 1 in a player match lobby and HE HAS TO BE LVL 50 on combat Training!

getting pranked: Accept the game invite

Prankster: tell the person your pranking to open their playercard up and hover over the prestige mode icon

Getting pranked: make sure he is hovering over the prestige mode

Prankster: Switch the lobby to a combat training lobby and tell your friend who is getting pranked to press the prestige mode and press more info and TELL HIM TO STOP PRESSING anymore buttons

Getting pranked: press prestige mode then press more info and STOP

Pranker: Switch the lobby back to player match and tell your friend to enter the prestige. HE should be set back to lvl 1!!!

Call of Duty Black Ops How to Derank People

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