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Pw Nienna Taranis is racist Game


I am a former NT player PW games, I was the vice chairman of the guild in PW, I regret ever play this game.
PW nienna Taranis is a game flaw, in his pw is the GM's racist, they distinguish the players from other countries with which the player with their countrymen, in pw GM can arbitrarily make banned to char without any fault of the players, their reason was "I just not like a player from your country, whatever I do banned "except that GM named Riona can arbitrarily make PK against players from my country, he also insulted my country Indonesia, I suggest that once a player at PW NT, if you do not like any player from other country is better not to publish this game, and just delete this game from oxigen-top100.

hi ^^

We banned those GM who made Drama in our Game, who was racist, etc ...

Actually, we take care of our players and server.

They was some GM who abused of their power when we was offline.

But all that are solved, and game now is more quiet and realy more pompular.

Taranis @  Nienna Taranis Team

the GMs are nice people
they help alot and they actually talk to u
their not rascist
this is the best server ive ever played on


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