Author Topic: Teleport NPC/Portal Master For Arcemu, Mangos rev [10105]+ and Trinity  (Read 5132 times)

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November 19, 2010, 05:57:37 am

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Teleport NPC/Portal Master For Arcemu, Mangos rev [10105]+ and Trinity

    * For Trinity and Mangos rev [10105]+
      You do not need any c++ and there are no quests.
      This is fully DB side, so just execute the script to your database.

    * Tele npc, gossip, teleports to 130 places (All dungeons, raids, leveling zones, main cities, gurubashi arena and booty bay)
      Spawn points for the tele npc and rune circle to all main cities, gurub and bootybay
      Summoning effect for the npc (check the end of the code to get the casting animation to the npc)

      You only need one NPC to handle both factions.
      All teleports have a level requirement according to the zone level or instance level requirement.

By Rochet2 Mangos Teleport master Portal 3.3.3 3.3.5 UDB sql no c++ or quests no core edit master, teleport portal guy mangos rev no c++ no quests DB darabase master, mangos teleport instance leveling zone emote script gossip option stormwind dungeons By Rochet2 raids main cities mangos works on By Rochet2 repacks tele net splashgame wow world of warcraft private server cost 20g telenet latest ytdb download pastebin guide github teleporter game master GM By Rochet2

    * Run the code 1 time. If the options are in wrong order, run the code again.
      You can also try running the delete code only and then the whole sql again.

Moved to google code:


Album #sort oldest!

          o ver 1.8
            Fixed level req and faction req for Zul'Aman
          o ver 1.7
            Fixed an error that occurs in navicat
          o ver 1.6
            Created teleporting scripts for zones
          o ver 1.5
            Created zone teleport menus and options
          o ver 1.4
            Updated with new condition, added "back" buttons,
            added "how many" number and added visual effect: Casting effect
          o ver 1.3
            Fixed an error in deleting code and added visual effect: Summon circle
          o ver 1.2
            Rewrote the sql code and made it clearer
          o ver 1.1
            Created dungeon teleport menus, options and scripts
            and added Booty bay to main menu list
          o ver 1.0
            Initial start. Created Portal Master and main city teleports

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I'm so sorry if this is necroing, but where is the download link?