Author Topic: How To Hack Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360  (Read 1385 times)

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November 17, 2010, 03:26:22 pm

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   How To Hack Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360 — A Detailed Hacking Guide for USB Devices

The Kinect is sure to swarm the homes of Xbox 360 gamers this holiday season.  Even though some of us are amazed at the hands-free gaming capabilities it offers, others feel it to be frustratingly limited.  Adafruit Industries is one of them.

They recently held a competition with a $3000 prize (they call it a bounty) to see who could hack the Kinect and provide open source drivers to the public, with the goal of getting RGB out with distance values being used.  Héctor Martín Cantero was the declared winner, and his take on the Kinect driver supports depth and RGB images and displays them on an OpenGL window.  Check out his demo video below.

Kinect open source driver demo

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