Author Topic: EA Sports' M rated Fight Night Champion dated March 1st, 2011  (Read 6482 times)

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November 15, 2010, 01:23:52 pm

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EA Sports' M rated Fight Night Champion dated March 1st, 2011

We now have a firm date for EA Sports' Fight Night Champion and it's coming out March 1st next year, thanks to the new debut trailer with gameplay.

Fans of the series can enjoy the "violence and brutality" of the sport as it gets rated M, a first ever for an EA Sports title. It uses a physics-based engine.

Yes the laws of science play a crucial role in Fight Night Champion just like they did in Fight Night Round 4, but we now have "an even wider range of abilities when it comes to counterattacks, setting up combos, and attacking your opponent."

We also get to create our own online gyms to challenge friends. It's the raw visceral experience of boxing itself that the studio is most proud of.

"As the first-ever ‘M’ rated EA SPORTS title, Fight Night Champion showcases the truest graphical representation of the sport, lifestyle, and culture of boxing with authentic and dynamic blood, realistic body damage and deformation, and mature content throughout," they said. "Experience the violence and brutality that is true to the trade."

Fight Night Champion releases on Xbox 360 and PS3 March 1st, 2011.

NEW!!! Fight Night Champion - Debut Teaser Trailer [HD]

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