Author Topic: Closure for InstantAction studio  (Read 1438 times)

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November 12, 2010, 11:24:59 am

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Closure for InstantAction studio

Facebook's InstantJam dev InstantAction is now "winding down operations," reveals studio boss Eric Preisz, and they're trying to sell the Torque engine.

They will "continue to operate" while InstantAction "explores opportunities" with suitors. Last month they sold the Tribes IP.

"Today, InstantAction informed employees that it will be winding down operations," said InstantAction boss Eric Preisz in a statement. "While we are shutting down the website and Instant Jam game, will continue to operate while InstantAction explores opportunities with potential buyers for Torque. We thank all of our past and current customers for their support."

In October they sold the Tribes IP to Hi-Rez Studios who are already developing a MMOFPS. InstantAction provided a streaming games technology and an engine called Torque - they were formerly known as GarageGames. It's never good to see a studio fall.