Author Topic: Cheyenne loses Stargate license  (Read 1605 times)

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November 11, 2010, 11:57:01 am

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Cheyenne loses Stargate license

MGM Studios have grown tired of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and their 'progress' with MMO Stargate Worlds, so they've taken back the license.

They issued a notice of termination November 3rd, leaving the MMO project seemingly stranded off-world in 'Stargate speak'. Well that's over then.

Stargate Worlds was still bobbing along just fine in 2006 as developer Cheyenne Mountain sailed trouble free, but then things like bankruptcy happened and a quick spin-off online shooter Stargate Resistance got released and then sold.

Resistance got sold off to Fresh Start Studios who they then sued, alongside Dark Comet Games, for fraudulent asset usage. Well just this week an Arizona judge ruled in Cheyenne Mountain's favour but MGM Studios had already pulled the plug.

It's unclear if MGM will go sniffing around another studio.