Author Topic: EA announce digital titles, 3 land in spring and 1 in summer 2011  (Read 1662 times)

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November 11, 2010, 07:44:27 am

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EA announce digital titles, 3 land in spring and 1 in summer 2011

Four new digital titles will be releasing from the confines of EA next year reveals the publisher, and they arrive for Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and PC.

They are Gatling Gears, Wildlife: Forest Survival, The Fancy Pants Adventure and Warp. 3 of the 4 release in spring while Warp has to wait until summer.

Okay so what are they all about? Gatling Gears is a twin-stick shooter developed by Vanguard Games, set in an environmentally conscious world where hexagon pieces of land fall away. It's very much an action orientated version of strategy game Greed Corp.

Perhaps the most interesting, at least on paper, is Wildlife: Forest Survival which have players assume the role of various wildlife with the aim to survive and not get eaten by a predator, which could be another player. It's made by EA Salt Lake.

The Fancy Pants Adventures is in fact a conversion of the popular browser-based title of the same name, which is a side-scrolling platform adventure with hand-drawn artwork. Creator Brad Borne is partnering with EA 2D and Over the Top Games to make it.

Finally we have Warp which is due in the summer. It's a top-down stealth action game packed full of sci-fi and comes from indie outfit Trapdoor. We're told it will have a strong visual appearance, as well as traps and puzzles to foil.

Recently 2D Boy's Ron Carmel said major studios should embrace their own 'indie teams', throwing them a couple of million or so to develop "creatively ambitious and forward-thinking projects." This must be a step in the right direction then?