Author Topic: A2M name change to Behaviour Interactive, "not funny" anymore  (Read 1807 times)

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November 11, 2010, 05:14:46 am

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A2M name change to Behaviour Interactive, "not funny" anymore

Sorry but there's to be no more A2M acronym cracks (ha!) at developer Artificial Mind & Movement anymore because they're Behaviour Interactive now.

The, er, colloquial use of 'A2M' was "funny" at first however by '08 it had "become an issue". They "had to explain sometimes" to publishers about the name.

"It was part of the decision," said CEO RĂ©mi Racine of independent developer Behaviour Interactive in Montreal, Canada. "People didn't remember Artificial Mind & Movement, and there was that issue also." The studio developed Wet and Naughty Bear.

"That issue became known to us five years ago. It was mentioned in a movie and it started to grow from 2005/2006. Before that, we never heard that," they said. "For us it started to become an issue in 2008. We decided to change the name a year later, in 2009, and it took us a year to finalise the process."

"At first it was funny, and we didn't mind. Locally, it's funny. Not on the international scene, but locally, some people have fun with it," continued Racine. "As much as it was funny, sometimes it becomes not funny." It didn't have publishers turn away though.

"We had to explain sometimes to publishers what the acronym meant," Racine said. "Our logo was on a children's title. Nobody had a problem with that. As much as they're happy for us that we're changing, it was never an issue." Google reveals the A2M issue.

Behaviour is very busy making sequels to both Wet and Naughty Bear. They're also working on "a next-generation portable platform," but that's "only thing I can say." PSP2?