Author Topic: Gal Gun edits wanted 78 days from release, 'negotiations started'  (Read 1684 times)

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November 10, 2010, 02:29:34 pm

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Gal Gun edits wanted 78 days from release, 'negotiations started'

The studio behind on-rails shooter Gal Gun are standing firm against Microsoft who have suddenly wanted changes made to it just 78 days from launch.

Apparently the corporate giant now finds issue with shooting high school girls with 'Ecstasy Shots' in the pursuit of finding true love - what a bunch of squares.

"Negotiations have started for the great moral cause (pantsu)," said the game's development staff. Gal Gun's website has a character's bunny ears read "Firmly Against" in protest at the sudden demand for changes being made to the game.

The game first surfaced at the Tokyo Game Show. It has the player shooting school girls in certain places with their 'Ecstasy Shot' as you try to find true love. Studio Alchemist has vowed they won't be making changes to the videogame.

Check out the debut trailer for yourself - it's in the name of love Microsoft!

?????? TGS Debut Trailer

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