Author Topic: Darksiders 2 casts new leading role, "simultaneously" takes place  (Read 1418 times)

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November 09, 2010, 03:23:03 pm

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Darksiders 2 casts new leading role, "simultaneously" takes place

THQ vice president Danny Bilson has revealed some details about Vigil Games' upcoming Darksiders 2, and it'll be War-less for one thing.

The sequel stars a "different character" and its story unfolds "simultaneously" to War's in the first game. They couldn't have an apocalypse "for each rider."

"When we do the Darksiders sequel, it'll be a different character and take place simultaneously to the other story," said Danny Bilson. It's likely we'll be taking the reins of another horseman? Darksiders was created by comic author Joe Mad of Vigil.

"There's only one apocalypse -- I couldn't very well have four different apocalypses, one for each rider." Earth is left barren after the events that draw War down to the world, with humanity pushed into extinction as angels and demons battle it out.

"It has some new mechanics and some very robust features that differentiate it a lot and grow it from the first game because you have to build on the first one, you can't repeat it. I think that's very important in franchise-building."

Did you enjoy Darksiders? It was developer by Vigil to play like the old action adventure games of yore, much like Zelda. It proved a surprising hit and performed well for Xbox 360 and PS3. It recently got a PC release from Vigil. Darksiders 2 is due in 2012/13.